Fashion - February 27, 2019

INSPIRE ME: CARGO PANTS AND HOW TO WEAR THEM (in a fashion approved way)

Traditionally born to be statements of a boyfriend’s wardrobe, the Cargo pants are the ultimate must-have for the next spring. Their androgynous shapes and uniform inspired style seem to have become the latest womenswear obsession, to the point that not having them is quite a crime for the fashion police.

Their fit could cause some initial hesitations, forcing the less braves to renounce them because of the fear of not having long enough legs or super flat bellies. The thruth is that, on the contrary, cargo pants fit good on everyone, the important is to wear them in the right and of course coolest way.  The possible looks are as many as the brands that introduced them in their latest collections following the military wave that is spreading out (Dior can relate)…and those who think they’re not chic at all, will have to change their minds: seeing is believing, or inspiring at least!



Is the most traditional way to wear them and are usually thought for Khaki green or sand tones palettes. The original look wants them plain or camouflage, in raw cotton  and side pockets. They’re the statement pants of brands like Dickies and Carhartt that since the beginning propose them in their feminine and super cool variant. However, watch out for the Bob the Builder effect, to make them fashion approved you need to wear them with combat boots or Dr. Martens and white tee not to be overdressed. If you’re not that tall prefer them a little bit tighter and high waisted, if on the contrary you’re at least 1.75 tall, try them in a more relaxed fit with heels instead of boots. Add a chain on the belt for an even trendier outfit.



They’re the silk and satin confirmation that even cargo pants can be chic and classy. Their shapes are taken from the traditional model but their texture and nuances are nothing but yard suitable. For this spring, choose them in the pastel shades of pink, green or light blue and match them with pump shoes and maxi blazer for a more bohemian inspired look or with sneakers and denim jacket for a more sporty-chic touch. If the temperatures are warm enough, no jackets but only lace or silk lingerie and sleep tanks ton sur ton…GLAM and absolutely FEMININE. RUNWAY TIP: Don’t miss Alberta Ferretti latest looks for more fashion inspirations!



It takes courage to have a pair of big pockets sewed on the sides and some elastic bands on the ankles, that’s why the spring/summer 2019 trends came to rescue the most shy cargos revisiting the style of the classical straight pants giving them a cargo inspired look. They’re usually made of denim or raw cotton in the shades of black, white and light blue. The leg-fitting is straight and the waist is super high and they often have more relaxed fit than the traditional ones. Reason because they have to be worn, except in a few situations, with heels and something very thight above. RUNWAY TIP: Take a look at: Givenchy, Dior, Fendi and Vetements.

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