Fashion - March 15, 2021

TBS Meets Hailey Bieber, Superga’s New Global Ambassador

A timeless, casual and incredibly iconic refinement indissolubly binds the Italian brand Superga to its splendid new global ambassador Hailey Bieber.

Considered a street-style muse, Hailey has made her style an icon: relaxed fits are mixed with accessories with a glamorous soul to give life to the most copied everyday looks on the web.

Everyday looks that always have a lowest common denominator: sneakers, to be worn 24/7. Superga, with its classic style, is a must-have that perfectly combines the timeless taste of the American style icon with its sneakers that, for generations, have completed the look of every fashion addicted.

Timeless yes, but no less innovative. Superga, anticipating every trend, has always been the sustainable shoe par excellence. Conceived before the invasion of plastic on our planet, the sneakers of the iconic Made In Italy brand, have been worked by hand for over a century with cotton, natural rubber and aluminum. Superga is constantly evolving and is increasingly attentive to environmental issues, another point in common with Hailey Bieber who, very attentive to sustainability, has embraced the brand’s cause of creating organic products that have an even less impact on the ecosystem. But what is, after all, more sustainable than a timeless product? The unquestionably “timeless” side of Superga makes the brand almost unique in the sneakers market and for this reason, chosen by millions of aficionados and not all over the world.

“I love the history and heritage of this brand.

Superga is a shoe that has remained true to its origins and has never gone out of style.

It is timeless and classy, ​​it matches my style perfectly ” An all-female creative team directed by the photographer Stevie Dance, then gave life to the new SS 21 collection that stars our beloved Hailey. Shot in New York last December, the campaign aims to capture the deeper side of the style icon, portraying her posing on a stool, lying on the floor and dancing on a rooftop, wearing, of course, some of the most iconic models of Superga. Among these, some new proposals also stand out: the 2630 Stripe, the 2705 High Top and the 2490 Bold in organic cotton.

But let’s get to the undisputed protagonist of this campaign… after the Superga it’s obvious! We met for you, yes we are thrilled for this as much as you, Hailey Bieber to have a chat about Superga and her iconic style, are you curious to find out what she confessed us?

TBS: How would you define your personal style?

HAILEY: I’m not sure I can define it. I get asked this question a lot, and the truth is my style is constantly evolving and I’m always finding new inspiration for my style. But hopefully people find my style chic and cool.

TBS: Your style is cosy and sexy at the same time. What is your favorite look, accessory, or garment to wear with Superga sneakers?  

HAILEY: I really love a good pair of baggy jeans with a pair of Supergas. You’ll see in the campaign imagery we did that for one look and I think that one is my favorite look. 

TBS: What role do accessories, and shoes in particular, play in your style?

HAILEY: I think accessories and and shoes can really elevate an outfit. An outfit can be cool on its own but with the right bag or the right pair of shoes it takes it to the next level.

TBS: Sneakers seem to be a staple in women’s wardrobe nowadays. How do you feel about combining classic, timeless outfits and audacious trends?

HAILEY: I love it. I feel like so much of my style is combining laid back pieces with more elevated pieces. For example, sweatpants with a pair of heels or a sexy little black dress with sneakers. 

TBS: When you hear the word Superga what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

HAILEY: Superga makes me think of the word super which is a word I use a lot in my vocabulary, and when it comes to style I go for “super cool, super chic, super dope” I love the word super to describe something or someone.

TBS: Superga is the classic 24h wearable shoe. How can you take a sneaker from day to night?

HAILEY: I think throwing on a sexy mini dress with sneakers is always a way to go from day to night. I love wearing sneakers with dresses.

TBS: Why you accepted to be the face of Superga in 2021?

HAILEY: I think Superga is a really timeless brand and really chic and effortless and I felt like it was a good partnership given the fact those are all the things I want to embody.

TBS: What is your favorite piece from the collection and how would you style it? 

HAILEY: I’m totally in love with the new Superga 2630 Stripe. I think that styled with jeans or with a biker short, a crop top and an oversize blazer it looks great.  Another great combination could be with an oversized hoodie/sweatshirt worn as a dress.

TBS: Superga is synonymous of timeless silhouettes and some of its styles are truly iconic. The Alpina sneaker with its signature lug sole, was designed in the 50s with mountain climbing in mind. Why do you think this style is still so on trend?

HAILEY: I just think when a silhouette works so effortlessly it stands the test of time. You can see clearly that silhouettes and styles in fashion are constantly brought back time and time again. I think there are some things that just never go out of style. 

TBS: What is your favorite Superga of all time?

HAILEY: I’ve probably already answered this but I have always been fascinated by timeless silhouettes. So for me the white Superga 2750 it is an absolute must-have in my wardrobe. They are classy, effortless, and cool.

TBS: Superga is considered a vegan shoe since its origins and now offers a continuously growing range of organics. How important is sustainability to you and how you try to make a difference to make the world a better place? 

HAILEY: I think sustainability is hugely important. I’m learning more and more how to be more sustainable from my products in my home to my beauty products etc. We all have a role we play in taking care of this planet. 

TBS: The Superga SS21 campaign was shot by Stevie Dance and styled by Gabriella Karefa Johnson. How has been working with them and which kind of image do you want to communicate through this campaign?

HAILEY: working with Stevie and Gab is a literal dream. They’re two women I really admire and who I have a personal relationship with, when you’re surrounded by people who truly inspire you I feel it shows in the pictures and you end up getting the best imagery. I always feel Stevie helps me push myself to really move my body and we always end up getting the coolest photos. I hope people can feel the different movement and shapes we got in these photos. 

TBS: As we just said for this campaign you worked with an all-female team. How important is female empowerment for you and which is the piece of advice you would like to give to all the young girls out there?

HAILEY: I think supporting women is hugely important. There’s no reason to be competitive, it’s so draining. I think it’s so much more fulfilling to cheer other people on and support other people’s dreams and goals. I’ve learned so much over the last few years what it really means to support other women and I’m going to continue growing and finding more way to support my friends and my peers. 

TBS: Which is the woman that has mostly inspired your style?

HAILEY: Rihanna for sure. I’ve been inspired by her style since I was a teenager. 

TBS: How did your experience in ballet and classical dance factor into posing for the Superga campaign?

HAILEY: My background in dance helped in the different body positions and movements that Stevie came up with in her beautiful mind. Stevie really understands me when it comes to moving my body and she helps me push myself, which I love. 

TBS: The Superga campaign was shot in NY that is your hometown. Which is your favorite thing to do when you are in NY?

HAILEY: oh man, I miss New York so much. I wish we lived there at least half the year. When I’m home I love to just go back to all my favorite places, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. I even love to just roam around and do nothing, I think the one good thing about not living in NY full time anymore is that when I come back I have such a bigger sense of appreciation and admiration for New York. 

TBS: We know that you love the sun and being outdoors. Superga is an Italian brand and Italy is one of the best places in the world to spend your summer. Which is your favorite spot in Italy?

HAILEY: the most beautiful place in Italy I’ve ever been is the Amalfi coast. It’s where we spent a part of our honeymoon!

TBS: Could you tell us one thing that most people would not know about you?

HAILEY: I tend to be a bit shy when I first meet people. It takes me a second to feel comfortable to show people my personality right way. I think people have taken that as me being rude or standoffish at times but the truth is I’m just a bit closed off and protective of my space until I feel safe enough to open up. But once I open up, there’s no closing me back up haha. I have a very big personality once you get to know me.

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