Fashion - May 30, 2023

Trend of the week: will boots be the footwear of the summer?

When we think of boots, our minds immediately conjure up images of winter days and snowy roads. However, fashion never ceases to surprise us, breaking conventions and challenging expectations. And this is exactly what happened during the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion weeks, where boots proved to be an unexpected trend, proving to be much more than just winter footwear. Thus the fashion system, once again, demonstrated forward thinking.

Wearing boots goes beyond the simple choice of footwear we are accustomed to day by day, representing an authentic statement of style and personality, giving a sense of confidence that is reflected in every step. Then, you know, confirming Nancy Sinatra’s theories, These boots are made for walkin’.


As much as many people think that warmer temperatures call for open, lightweight shoes, more well-known designers have decided to go against the trend. En effet, summer boots have emerged as one of the most beloved and surprising trends for Spring/Summer 2023. With their presence on the runways, they have proven that they can be worn in any season without compromising style or comfort.

Choosing to wear boots this season not only adds a touch of edge to our looks, but is also a way to embrace change and move away from the usual conventional boundaries of fashion.

Images by IMAXtree

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