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“Trust is not bought, it is earned.” That’s right, since 2009 Vestiaire Collective – the leading e-commerce for selling and buying second-hand designer clothing – seems to have earned the trust of its community, its partners and the entire fashion system. Using the excellent methods developed over years of intensive research and experience, the platform has developed the so-called Trust Report, which examines all the key elements on which trust is based. These include hiring the best experts, implementing rigorous authentication processes and adopting cutting-edge technologies. What motivates us to look for a garment on Vestiaire Collective? The desire to give ourselves a gift, to find that garment we long for and buy it in the best condition. But it is also that place where we put on sale those garments that we loved and that will have a new life in the wardrobe of those who want them. And that is why trust plays an important role in every step.

“Since the launch of Vestiaire Collective, one of our priorities has been to be a trusted resale platform. That’s why authentication has always played a key role. Our model is unique because we have managed to put in place rigorous processes and build exceptional know-how.” – Victoire Boyer Chammard, Expertise Ambassador & Partnerships Manager at Vestiaire Collective


The process of authentication

After a remarkable 14 years in business, Vestiaire Collective has established itself as a leader in the authentication process of luxury items. With five authentication centers located in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong, and South Korea, a team of 89 experts evaluates more than 40,000 products a year, totaling more than 1.5 million garments and accessories as of 2019. Each product undergoes a physical or digital inspection, and each check helps improve authentication standards. Thanks to a perfect mix of human expertise and machine learning algorithms, Vestiaire Collective is able to detect counterfeits with 99.9 percent accuracy. In addition, to ensure constant improvement of the authentication process, the platform provides in-house training through the Vestiaire Academy, which teaches the team how to detect counterfeit products brand by brand.

The platform has also invested heavily in customer service management, which is constantly improving, and this has contributed to growing user trust in the platform. In addition, the platform recently set a new online resale record when a collector bought a rare Birkin Faubourg by Hermès for 158,000 euros.





The constant innovation of authentication processes adopted by the Vestiaire Collective platform allows it to stay one step ahead of the counterfeit industry. It also makes a daily commitment to invest in both people and technology, for example, by exploring cutting-edge Digital ID solutions and always forging new partnerships with luxury fashion houses and brands.


The value of second-hand

So in a fast-paced fashion world where new seems the only path, Vestiaire Collective is stepping up to promote a new approach. It does so by raising awareness of the importance of quality second-hand, one wants to give new life to creations that would otherwise go to waste. “Long Live Fashion,” is precisely the new slogan, which like a gentle wind is spreading, driving change toward a more sustainable world, and more ethical and responsible fashion.


Celebrities’ wardrobe for sale at Vestiaire Collective

In recent years, more and more celebrities have chosen to sell their used clothes and accessories on platforms such as Vestiaire Collective. This trend, which has become increasingly popular among stars, has been motivated mainly by the aforementioned need to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Among them we find Kate Moss, Carine Roitfeld, Rachel Weisz, and for Italy, among others, our own Chiara Ferragni obviously stands out.





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Article in collaboration with Vestiaire Collective

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