Fashion - December 1, 2016

What to buy when shopping in vintage stores

Entering a vintage store can be a very difficult experience for many. The messiness, the amount of objects strewn everywhere, hanging  on every wall, occupying  every nook and  cranny, can all contribute to making it a little challenging  for some of us to actually find something  they like. For  other people, that same messiness can become a challenge, even a hobby, if you wish.

Vintage shopping is an experience that can let you discover wonderful treasures, objects that are truly unique, or at least rare and not so common anymore: objects that will give your style a touch of uniqueness. If you like vintage, but you feel a little disoriented, why not start by peeking in your mum’s and granny’s closets? Surely you will find cool stuff from their youth that’s still in good condition, and who else can sport them better than you, the next generation? No one, right? The next step will be to start scouting shops: the higher the prices of the goods on sale, the more sophisticated the shop looks, the less fun it will be to  go hunting among the stuff that is there, and the smaller your final treasure will be. The best solution is to find a large shop and spend the day trying stuff on. That’s what I am talking about: make it fun!

If I think about the first times I went to vintage shops, I remember I was always looking for the same stuff: T-shirts with animation designs from my childhood, leather jackets and maybe a flower-patterned maxi dress, that I wouldn’t end up wearing often enough  anyway, because it looked like I had stolen it from my granny. There’s nothing wrong with  looking for the same stuff over and over, but these shops can offer so much more than this kind of item,  and since every season seem to have references to past decades, there is really no better way to invest in your style than to invest time and money in building  it , by finding the right exclusive pieces.

Curious to know the trends of  the vintage world? Have a look and get some inspiration here.

Courtney Love, the slip dress princess. This kind of dress has become a major piece for every woman’s wardrobe. Look for crazy colors and fabrics. (@Tibi )



Long sleeves slip dress: make it cool with a belt on it and some high heel shoes. (Jane Birkin + @artdealer.journal)



Pussy bow blouse: for sure you’ll get the most crazy patterns and fabrics. (Mrs. Doubtfire + Gucci by @tommyton)



The robe dress: the most glam piece of the season.  For a “casual” day look wear it with a pair of jeans under your coat. (Jerry Hall + @attico)



Check print blazer: you will find the coolest designs and colors only in vintage stores! (Heathers + @balenciaga)



Sequin dress: 70’s are back and be sure to find the most unique one. Depend on the model you could wear it with a sweater or a T-Shirt under. (Bianca Jagger + @Ashish)



Party top: be ready to shine! (Cher + Saint Laurent)



Metallic dress: our favorite is silver but it’s always a good idea to try funny colors! Wear it with a pair of white sneakers to make it easy. (Never been kissed + @ellery)



Pearls: no need for diamonds any more. Wear it with some basic clothes to make it cooler. (@paintings.daily + Chanel)


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