Fashion - February 12, 2019


The New York Fashion Week has just come to an end and the Street Wear regained the grand prize on the yankee soil. Some trends are still leading, but there are brand new ones which really came out of the blue. Fashion Weeks are not only brand’s new collection shows anymore, they are a living catwalks of pure style

The Big Apple streets were crowded by many IT-Girls defining the coolest trends of the upcoming (cool) months. Shortly, there is no need to highlight body shapes anymore, so: oversize fitting and relaxed lines are the keywords! Many (many) tone sur tone layers will help you to get the perfect outift and the result will be nothing but balanced, trust us. Now, let’s see which the must-have (seen) in the last fashion week are:


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Winter sun, Winter colours

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Neon is reconrfirmed as an absolute trend…and certainly it didn’t happen in a discreet manner. Now it seems the ultimate solution to rejuvenate the look and make every outfit less banal, from the most casual to the most formal. The favorite pieces of this neon wave are t-shirts and sweaters, which have to be worn thight and preferably turtle-neck under oversized blazers, hoodies or maxi furs. Even the accessories do not lose a place on the neon podium. On the contrary… mini bags’ shoulder belts and sneakers’ elements are tinged with bright yellow, orange and pink to make even the most classic pieces absolutely suitable for your daily streetstyle



For years now the coord sets have become the obsession of some of the most attentive fashionistas and…who is still convinced that they are only synonymous with formality will have to change their minds. The checked suit paired with sneakers or texan boots is really one of the most replicated look; it not only gives the whole outfit an absolutely elegant and glam allure at the same time, but it is also a super comfy solution for those days when matching clothes is not among our main skills. Cool tip: play with colors when you choose the pattern of your suits. Spring is finally approaching and it is time to abandon black, gray and beige. In particular, the tartan suits in the shades of green, pink and yellow give life to absolutely trendy outfits. Sneak Peek: soon you’ll be able to buy tartan coord set composed of blazers and skirts on our eshop, that will for sure be a must-have for next seasons, do not miss them!



For some time now, puffer jacket is the undisputed king of street-wear’s looks. The more is over the more we like it, prefer it cropped with an important hood, play with fabrics and colors. Following the trend of the opalescent for example, the black or gray metallic puffer jacket is definitely a must-have, as well as those in warm and unusual shades such as candy pink or orange. Cool tip: you can combine them to dampen the look of too serious outfits: they are, in fact, perfect with both skinny jeans and suit even though their perfect combo is with jumpsuits and cargo pants.  On the other hand, it’s preferably to avoid puffer jackets with mini dresses.

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