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The Soundtracks That We’ll Never Forget

There are songs that, inevitably, we will always connect to images carefully stored in the drawers of our memory. In particular, the movie songs evoke images and faces, which we have unknowingly romantically linked to events in our history and past, to loved ones and to moments of joy and pain. There are some films, which have brought to success some of the songs and singers that make up the soundtracks of the lives of all of us, and today we wanted to bring some of them back to memory. What is the one that you would connect to this absurd and unprecedented moment that we are experiencing? We, I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Armageddon

We guess this is, perhaps,  the perfect song to listen during this period, when the difficulties teach us what are the really important things and moments in life and that we will never want to get lost again. Open the link and get moved with Aerosmith

My Heart Will Go On – Titanic

Admit it, you too happened to grab someone in your arms and pretend to fly on the notes of the flute of My Heart Will Go On, right? Celine Dion‘s song is viscerally linked to the famous scene of the Titanic film and is the perfect example of how songs often indelibly imprint films in our memory.

Can’t Fight The Moonlight – Coyote Ugly

Can’t Fight The Moonlight is the song by LeAnn Rimes that most of all bring us back to the story of Violet Sanford, the singer of the night club Coyote Ugly, now become a symbol of all independent women who believe in their dreams

Can You Feel The Love Tonight – The Lion King

Caaan you feel the loooove tonight … and it immediately ran into the savannah, unconditional love and tears of joy. This iconic Elton John song has undoubtedly marked the childhood of all of us and is still considered one of the most beautiful romantic songs ever.

I Will Always Love You – The Bodyguard

Just an “And IIIIIII, will alwayssss” that already tears are streaming down! The Bodyguard, the film with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner won the award for the most poignant romantic film ever in 1992, and even today his iconic song accompanies the sentimental dramas of all of us. Advice from friends: do not listen to it after the end of a love story … if you have not already done so!

The Time Of My Life – Dirty Dancing

How many times have you tried to make Dirty Dancing take on The Time Of My Life notes? Like Baby, this song, which has gone down in history, will never be put in a corner.

What A Feeling – Flash Dance

Legwarmers, leggings and off you go! What A Feeling heard in Flash Dance is now the song that accompanies every workout or ballet even after tens of years since its release. Not to mention the style … what a coolness!

Take My Breath Away – Top Gun

It literally takes your breath away, Take My Breath Away heard in Top Gun rhymes with Ben Affleck, the freedom and emotions of each of us.

I Do It For You – Robin Hood

Another song that has become iconic from a fairy tale, Bryan Adams‘ I Do It For You is definitely the perfect song to dedicate, forever, to those we love most.

It Must Have Been Love – Pretty Woman

Long live women, long live Roxette and live all those who have the courage to show their feelings, a bit like Edward and Vivian in Pretty Woman

Loose Yourself – 8mile

Without a doubt the song that made Eminem make a break in the hearts of all of us. 8 Mile is the film that consecrated it, today Loose Yourself is the banner of personal revenge par excellence.

Young and Beautiful – The Great Gatsby

Here perhaps Leonardo di Caprio is officially the face that comes to mind when we listen to love songs. Young and Beautiful by the beloved Lana Del Rey was brought to success by the Great Gatsby becoming a symbol of all impossible loves.

Shallow – A star is born

one, two, three “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in, I’ll never meet the grouuuund!” Lady Gaga we have always loved you, but know that after Shallow in A Star Is Born you are guilty of all the broken eardrums trying to imitate you! But how beautiful is it?

Happy – Despicable Me

Joy, laughter and as much fun as the title suggest! Happy is the song by Pharrell that made young and young love Despicable Me.

Love me Like you Do – 50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of Grey and 50 shades of Ellie Goulding! Love Me Like You Do is the modern version of every iconic love song from the past. “Love me like you do lo lo love me like you dooo”

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