Lifestyle - June 12, 2023

Discover Jennifer Aniston’s new fitness routine

Jennifer Aniston, the iconic Hollywood actress, has never hidden her unwavering commitment to wellness and body care. In recent years, she has been experimenting with a revolutionary sports routine that has led to amazing results. So, driven by a passion for fitness and a search for a more sustainable approach, she has embarked on a collaboration with the collagen brand Vital Proteins and partnered with the renowned online workout platform Pvolve.

But what is the secret behind Jennifer Aniston’s workout?

The California actress recently shared all the details about her new sports routine in an exclusive interview with Byrdie magazine. Her activities include a combination of Pilates, running, boxing and even jumping rope, all aimed at keeping her body strong, toned and flexible. However, Jennifer has recently taken a smarter, more sustainable approach to fitness, recognizing the importance of working on quality rather than quantity to achieve lasting results.

Over time, the beloved Rachel from “Friends” learned that the “no sacrifice, no win” approach in the gym may no longer suit her body and probably not even most people. Therefore, she has embraced a new workout philosophy, focusing on low-impact exercises that pay special attention to strength, stability and balance. “Today I only need a short burst of time to get the results I want. I prefer total body workouts, for example, I like the Progressive Weight Training and Sculpt and Burn programs. Sometimes I just don’t feel like working out-I make an effort to do 10, 15-minute workouts and I start feeling so good that I move on to another class and then another. My dispassionate advice? Start with a 10-minute workout and don’t procrastinate. Commit to yourself and you will be proud of yourself.”

En effet, Aniston has become an ambassador for Pvolve, a workout app and studio that has revolutionized the concept of “functional fitness.” Pvolve focuses on those small muscles often overlooked during traditional workouts, such as long runs or spinning sessions. The main goal is to keep the body moving so it can thrive over time, avoiding injury and fatigue and preserving bone health.


As technology and science continue to evolve in the field of fitness, Jennifer Aniston has discovered new perspectives and opportunities opening up in the world of exercise. With her unwavering dedication and determination, the actress is an example for all those who wish to maintain great shape and perfect health. Jennifer Aniston is excited about future prospects in the field of fitness, which continues to improve with the constant evolution of technology and science. Next, Jennifer uses the P.ball, a piece of equipment that combines a small ball and a strong band that can be clipped to the legs, to sculpt thighs, buttocks, and abs.

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