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It debuted on Netflix in early January, The Lying Life of Adults, is the 6-episode series produced by Fandango and based on Elena Ferrante‘s novel of the same name, published by Edizioni E/O. The series was written by Ferrante herself together with Laura Paolucci, Francesco Piccolo and Edoardo De Angelis, who is also the director.

The series is a powerful and singular portrait of the transition of Giovanna, played by newcomer Giordana Marengo, from childhood to adolescence in 1990s Naples. The search for a new face, after the happy one of childhood, oscillates between the two faces of the same city, which, however, fear and loathe each other: the Naples above, which has given itself a fine mask, and the Naples below, which pretends to be immoderate and trivial. Giovanna oscillates between high and low, now plummeting now climbing, bewildered by the fact that, up or down, the city seems unanswerable and without escape.

Providing a turning point in this delicate transition is the arrival of Aunt Vittoria – Valeria Golino – in Giovanna’s life. The figure who will help her remove the veil of lies to reveal the compromises that every adult must deal with to stay balanced.

Naples is mesmerizing, colorful, beautiful and unforgiving, expertly told by Edoardo De Angelis’ direction and Lorenzo Peluso’s photography. Also playing a key factor is the pressing 90s soundtrack curated by Giovanni Guardi and Ferran Pardes Runio).



Interview with Giordana Marengo

The Lying Life of Adults is your very first experience, something that could change your life. Where were you when you got the confirmation that the part would be yours, how did you react?

When I found out I was in Ischia, with my best friend. We were meditating and the phone call came from Edoardo De Angelis, which turned my existence upside down. I was always told that it was not yet certain that I would play Giovanna, that call was an earthquake. I felt like I was having a lucid dream, I was speechless, it took me a few minutes to realize what was happening.

What about the first day on set?

The first day on set was beautiful. I was lucky enough to be shooting with Azzurra Mennella and Rossella Gamba (Ida and Angela) we had formed a nice rapport because we had worked in the previous two months with a coach. All three of us were excited so we shared the same emotions. The presence of a coach was also instrumental in creating a good rapport between us.

What was the meeting with Valeria Golino like?

The first meeting we were at Palazzo Cavalcanti, I was very anxious to meet her, but as soon as she arrived she hugged me, without saying anything. Then there were the script readings with Edoardo De Angelis and slowly we got to know each other. The fact that she was Valeria Golino did not matter to me, the fact that she was a wonderful person won out.

At the press conference Valeria Golino said that you helped each other a lot during the shoot. Can you tell us how?

She helped me so much, she is so good that being next to her is a privilege, she transports you into the scene, she never leaves you even off the set. She helped me learn how to concentrate. I watched her for a long time, studied her and tried to put into practice what I saw her doing. How did I help her? It gives me love to know that she says something like that, maybe just my listening helped her. I was in worship.

How are you very different from Giovanna?

She is more precocious, she has thoughts and cunning that I myself still do not have today. That sometimes put me in crisis, she was saying and doing certain things that I had not done at her age, I was not as mature as she was. Sometimes her determination sent me into crisis.

After this planetary debut, what is your next dream?

My dream now is to be serene, to grow and to continue being an actress. I would like a confidence that starts from me and not from what others tell me.


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