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How To Spend An Unconventional Valentine’s Evening In The Time Of COVID-19

The pandemic could only hinder Valentine’s Day and, now returning from Christmas dinners in a few close friends at home, it will certainly not be a problem to find a remedy even for the evening dedicated to lovers. Celebrating Valentine’s Day, even for its haters, can be a good opportunity to spend a different evening and reinvigorate the relationship that, whether you like it or not, forced coexistence has made it a bit monotonous. (You too risk a quarrel every half hour right?) In general, we would start by saying no to taboos and stereotypes, but preferring experimentation, abandoning the classic candlelit dinner. We have decided to draw up a list of ideas to draw from to spend an Unconventional Valentine’s Day suitable for all couples … even in times of pandemic!

For couples who don’t like cooking: The Home Restaurant

More and more restaurants are organizing for Valentine’s Day and other occasions, boxes containing all the ingredients to prepare a chef’s dinner even at home. Just choose the most appropriate menu and a bottle of wine (it must never be missing!) And complete the preparation by following the very few and simple steps illustrated by the restaurant, we guarantee that, at least on Valentine’s Day, your partner will not miss Mother’s dishes!

(PS. For friends from Milan and surroundings, take a look at the Exit page!)

For Couples Who Need A Little Pepper: Sex Toys

Well yes, at least on Valentine’s Day let’s leave modesty aside and indulge in a little healthy and spicy irony. The pandemic has made everything very monotonous and alas sex, especially among longtime couples, seems to be what has suffered the most. Take off your pajamas (hey see you with teddy bear pants) and play a role play, use toys that have little to do with Barbies, have fun and wear your sexiest outfit, you will see that the usual dinner at the restaurant will be anything but a regret! (especially for boys)

(PS. If you want some chic advice on Sex Toys, check out Maude‘s site)

(PPS. This is undoubtedly the perfect idea for all the single friends who had already planned the Bridget Jones evening!)

For Couples Peace and Love: The Yoga Evening

For those who love to do couple activities, Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity to practice some healthy yoga for two. On the web there are many free videos and lessons to follow, ranging from being romantic and sexy to other fun and acrobatic ones. Soft lights, roll out the mats, put on your most comfortable fitness outfit, prepare a relaxing herbal tea and free your chakras to the sound of Om.

(PS. We recommend Taylor Wray Yoga couple classes, but we are sure that typing Couple Yoga on Youtube will find others that are perfect for you!)

(PPS. It is also an excellent solution for all those couples who, returning from the lockdown, have made a fight their best friend)

For Remote Couples: PDA On Zoom

Hi friends we are with you! It is certainly not an easy time for long-distance couples who, due to constant bans, have not been able to see each other for months now. Do not despair, with apps like Winelivery, send a nice bottle of wine or sparkling wine to your partner’s home and connect to ZOOM! Drink and eat together, chat and don’t hold back from doing some healthy sexting, in this case sexvideo, with your sweetheart who, enough with the taboos, helps the couple to keep themselves alive and strong!

(PS. Only with your partner or trusted people mind you!) 

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