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The Best Apps To Improve Sleep

Does it happen to you in this period of quarantine not to be able to sleep? Staying at home, as much as we try to fill the day with activities to do between smart working, training or cooking, combined with a not discreet dose of stress and anxiety given by the times we are living, definitely decreases or spoils sleep. Even if we are not in fact subjects who typically suffer from insomnia, this can lately come knocking on our door, making the mood of our days unpleasant. If you feel familiar with this type of issue, there are apps that could do it for you! (… And also for us don’t feel alone!)

Between meditation guides, logarithms that elaborate perfect routines and sleep “calculators”, also, in this case, it is the technology that rushes to our rescue! Here are the apps to download to sleep better during the quarantine:


It is one of the most popular meditation apps of the moment. Together with this App, you can not only set goals such as “manage stress” or “sleep deeply” but also listen to guided meditations, bedtime stories, and music that reconciles sleep! Usually, the App has a two-week free trial and a subsequent subscription of € 12.99 / month; but given the COVID-19 emergency, the app is offering free support for everyone.


Calm is the app that helps reconcile sleep. With content ranging from meditation to relaxing music, this App offers a real Mental Fitness program to train the mind. You will be followed by personality advice such as LeBron James, motivator, or Mattew McCounaghey, reader of night stories. To try! You can download the one-week free trial and the subsequent subscription is € 69.99 per year.


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Hey guys!! 💜 Thanks for responding to the poll! If you don’t already have it, we recommend downloading the Sleep Cycle app. It may help you get better sleep at night even though you may go to sleep at a later time. This is because it measures your sleep cycle and calculated the best time to wake you up depending on the time you set. Sleep Cycle works by using the accelerometer inside your iPhone (the part that knows when you turn it sideways) to detect your movements as you sleep. It'll then use this data to wake you at the optimal time in your 'wake up phase' which you can set to be between 10 and 90 minutes long. We found that this app is the most effective alarm clock, so give it a try!🤍 #sleepcycleapp #nhsleepawareness #letssleepbetter

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Sleep Cycle is the app that monitors and analyzes the quality of our sleep. Sleep Cycle will notify you when it’s time to go to sleep or wake up, monitoring the quality of sleep through motion sensors that use the phone’s microphone. It is available for a one-week free trial and the cost of the subsequent subscription is € 29.99 per year.


Looking for melodies that reconcile sleep? White Noise is a real music library which contains, as the name suggests, a series of songs obtained from white sounds. By listening to them you will be able to relax, giving yourself peaceful hours of sleep. Just like Spotify, White Noise exists in a free Lite version, or Full with a subscription of 0.99 cents.


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Imagine a calm forest: wind rustles through trees, birds softly chirp, and a nearby stream babbles quietly. “Walk on the Outside” presents a forest dwelling to dream in, a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary with musical accompaniment that compliments the intimate natural setting. As the dreamscape progresses, the music slows into an ambient haze, and as the sun sets, the sounds of a campfire begin. Later on, as morning approaches, the sounds of birds and rustling leaves return to prompt your awakening into this peaceful place. Built on the foundation of a binaural beat, “A Walk on the Outside” uses piano, organ, guitar, mallets, synthesizers, and various ambient percussion in symbiosis with the sounds of nature.

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With the three functions “Sleep“, “Nap” and “Focus” Pzizz can be used both as an alarm clock and as a coach during study or work sessions. The landscapes and sounds used, change from time to time reconciling sleep and making us wake up super active. Again, the app is available as a free trial version or with an annual subscription of € 69.99

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