Lifestyle - April 3, 2020

La Casa De Papel 4

April 3, finally good news or, as everyone enjoyed writing on the web, the only thing that will come out today is the fourth season of La Casa de Papel! Netflix is ​​ready, but you? Before rushing and devouring the fourth season all in one breath, are you sure to know everything that happened before? For those who have never watched it, well know that from here on there will be a good deal of spoilers, for those who have already enjoyed the first three seasons, here is a short recap before season 4:

La Casa de Papel revolves around the figure of a mysterious character aka “the professor“, who leads a group of characters, distinguished by as many nicknames referring to names of cities such as Tokyo, Denver, Berlin or Nairobi, towards the biggest theft in history: the robbery of the Spanish mint. The first two seasons focus on this first big hit, set in Madrid; three years later, in the third season, the second will take place: the robbery at the Bank of Spain. The gang members have been scrupulously selected by the professor: they are all individuals with criminal records and nothing to lose. To distinguish them the iconic disguise worn by the characters: a red suit and the mask of the painter Salvador Dalí.

Each episode of La Casa de Papel alternates between images set inside the place of the robbery and flashbacks, which not only give us information on the lives, characteristics and dreams of the characters but above all they explain how the professor calculated every detail during the robbery organization. In fact, what makes La Casa de Papel remain glued to the screen, is the great game of genius behind the plot, developed by varying every possible event or plot twist. Masterfully orchestrated by the one who trains thieves for five months in a vast abandoned hunting lodge, the robbery to the Spanish mint first and then to the Bank of Spain will be like a chess game played by the best players in the world.

Raquel Murillo, the police inspector in charge of negotiating with the thieves who will unexpectedly switch to the dark side, will fall in love with the ingenious professor to get into the gang and, above all, into the life of the professor. How did the mint robbery end? We will not tell you this, but imagine it knowing that three years later a second major heist will be investigated, that one precisely at the Bank of Spain. The third season is all focused on the first hours inside the bank where, between state secrets and tons of gold, the gang tries to wriggle between events that, unexpectedly, had not been foreseen by the professor as for the previous blow.

HOW DID WE LEAVE THEM? In the last instalments of the third season, the band, as you know, has changed. There have been new entries and old returns but … what happened to Nairobi? The historic member of the gang was seriously injured, will she make it? And will the heist be successful? See you on Netflix!

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