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What could be more summery than a good iced coffee enjoyed, perhaps, while watching the waves of the sea or by the pool? Nespresso ushers in the season of sunshine and warmth with a refreshing experience inspired by the Californian Dream: a line of delicious flavoured coffees and no flavours, to be enjoyed with ice, super cool accessories and thirst-quenching recipes, all accompanied by the colours of an unmistakable California sunset.

Nespresso’s new Californian Dream collection pays homage to the Californian lifestyle, made up of warm days by the ocean, sunsets, art, skate rides on the beautiful Venice Beach and the carefree feeling of a ride on the Santa Monica Pier rides. Coffee time meets the magic of a lifestyle with a slower pace, to fully appreciate the smallest moments of our day


Nespresso in Cannes 

For 11 years, the Nespresso Beach has been the ideal meeting place for coffee lovers and the talent on show during the Cannes Film Festival. Once again this year, this oasis of tranquillity offered the best Nespresso coffees, prepared by the baristas, for a gourmet break overlooking the sea between the screenings of the films in competition and the prestigious guests passing through on the Croisette.

As an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, Nespresso made its three coffee extraction technologies – Original, Vertuo and Vertuo Professional – available to festival-goers in a special tasting area in the Palais des Festivals, as well as at various events throughout the festival. The Californian-style beach, tinted in pastel colours, provided the perfect backdrop for the launch of the new summer flavours and products.


A refreshing coffee with a lively touch


Centre stage is the brand new, limited edition double espresso coffee for Barista Creations Juicy Watermelon Over Ice for Vertuo, which brings all the liveliness of the collection into the cup: a watermelon-flavoured coffee with a delicate, fruity taste suitable for direct on-ice brewing. A refreshing sweet and juicy taste of watermelon meets Arabica coffee from Ethiopia and Indonesia, separately roasted to bring out its delicate, floral notes.



Place 6 ice cubes (180 g) and a few watermelon cubes in a recipe glass, pour 15 ml brown sugar syrup and add 6 fresh mint leaves with 150 ml natural water, stirring gently. Dispense a Juicy Watermelon Over Ice coffee capsule (80 ml) and pour it into the Nespresso Barista device together with 1 ice cube. Close the lid and select the ‘Juicy Watermelon Fizz’ recipe. Finally, pour into the glass.


Another new addition to this collection is the Cold Brew Style Intense for Vertuo with a smooth and silky texture, notes of roasted cereals and caramel, little bitterness and a pleasant freshness typical of cold-pressed coffees. Cold Brew Style Intense, made with Arabica beans from Brazil and Guatemala, takes its inspiration from the traditional slow brewing process – whereby the coffee is left to steep in cold water for a fairly extended period of time usually between 12 and 24 hours. Nespresso has revisited this brewing technique, making it possible in just a few minutes, through the Vertuo system, by preparing coffee using the hot bloom method. This method starts by brewing the coffee hot for a short period of time. This is the so-called bloom phase, which is crucial for developing the body of the coffee and extracting its most delicate and subtle aromas. The infusion then continues with water cooled to room temperature for the remainder of the extraction to reduce bitterness and give the coffee a softer, more intense taste.



To enjoy it at its best, simply place cold water from the fridge in the reservoir of your Vertuo Pop Vertuo Next or Vertuo Creatista machine, preferably together with 3-4 ice cubes, and dispense a coffee capsule (355 ml) over a handful of ice.

In addition to these unmissable novelties, this summer sees the return of Nespresso’s best-loved summer coffees, Barista Creations Coconut Flavour Over Ice for Original and Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice for Vertuo, as well as Freddo Delicato & Freddo Intenso for Original and Ice Leggero & Ice Forte for Vertuo, which are part of Nespresso’s Barista Creations for Ice range. The freshness of coconut and the delicacy of Original coffees will stay with you throughout the summer.



A summer full of taste


In order to savour every moment of this Californian summer, Nespresso’s new coffee with ice recipes offer fans a moment of flavour and panache, all day long. The Juicy Watermelon Fizz recipe combines brown sugar and watermelon for a refreshing sensation with a playful sophistication. Alternatively, for an even more fizzy and pungent experience, there is the Cucumber Lemon Basil recipe using Cold Brew Style Intense with the addition of ice, a slice of lemon, cucumber and a few basil leaves for a citrusy and stimulating taste. All new recipes are available online 







A refreshing summer adventure with Nespresso Californian Dream accessories


The Californian Dream summer collection also consists of a series of Californian-inspired accessories with a trendy design that makes them a must-have for the summer. New to the range is the Nomad Tumbler – designed by Milanese designer Federico Peri and created to allow coffee lovers to have their coffee on the rocks by their side, wherever they go. With its transparent exterior, comfortable handle, handy straw and cap, it’s easy to stay fashionable while travelling.

Also part of the collection are the Barista Recipe Glasses and the iconic Nomad Travel Mug, which for the occasion is dyed a beautiful lilac colour. Ideal for coffee rituals at home and on the road, the Nespresso accessories in this summer collection are designed to give coffee lovers an extraordinary coffee experience. For lovers of coffee and ice recipes, the Nespresso Barista Shaker, to celebrate the mood of this collection, comes in a limited edition iridescent aquamarine colour. Made of micro-brushed stainless steel, it keeps the coffee cream smooth with every pour over thanks to the built-in half-filter.


The competition: Fly to California with Nespresso


The Californian Dream contest gives the opportunity to win a trip for two to California, on the west coast of the USA and is active from 05.06 until 02.07 in all Nespresso Boutiques, on the website and via call centre against a purchase at Nespresso of any amount. The total prize money is 5 trips for 2 people. 10 nights and 11 days to truly live the Californian dream that inspired the Nespresso collection. Among the stops: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Death Valley and more. Regulations available here




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