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On The Unreleased Notes Of Achille Lauro Baby 3 Is Coming On Netflix

It’s time for the final season of the Netflix Original Series Baby 3 produced by Fabula Pictures. In fact, on September 16th the events of the beloved Chiara and Ludovica will return to fill our evenings on the notes of an unreleased Achille Lauro, who dedicated his latest single Maleducata to the series. The song will, in fact, be the soundtrack of Baby 3 along with other unmissable singles such as the new unreleased Levante feat. Altarboy Vertigo that accompanied the teaser of the final season of the series.

Great protagonists will still be our Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani, in a clash with the truth that emerges more and more forcefully in their lives. The world of the protagonists, as well as Chiara and Ludovica, remember Damiano, Fabio, Brando, Niccolò, Simonetta, Monica and many others, will again be upset by a present that forces them to deal with their actions. The plot of Baby, strongly inspired by a real news story that shook the conscience of all of Italy, is even more intricate: the friendship between Chiara and Ludovica is questioned and mutual trust becomes almost a utopia in a world that is always more imbued with lies and hidden truths. Family dynamics seem to have changed forever and parents will play a key role in the evolution of the dynamics that will once again be the mirror of a snobbish society that is often too tied to appearances.

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Hype. We start feeling it.😍 New shots from Baby 3.

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Do you remember how the second season ended? Waiting for the release, here is a summary of the previous seasons:

BABY season 1

Model student Chiara Altieri unexpectedly binds with her rebellious classmate: Ludovica, known as “Ludo”. The latter has an affair with a man who runs an prostitute tour and also needs money to stay in the prestigious institution, given the fact that her mother refuses to pay her school and that the father hasn’t seen her daughter for years. Ludovica eventually manages to get the money to stay in the school by prostituting herself in the service of high society men. Chiara also throws herself into this secret world made up of lies and secrets, but all at a high price: the death of Saverio, the man who helped them in their activities, in a road accident and Fiore now keeps Damiano under his eye. because he was behind the wheel of the car. (Saverio and Fiore are/were cousins.)

BABY season 2

In the second season, Damiano still has to deal with his bad turns as he and Chiara get engaged. The girl secretly continues to sell her body often and willingly, in spite of Ludo, who does it too but to give the money back to Fiore, who helped her with her financial problems. One evening Chiara is surprised by Brando, a classmate, having sex with a politician, who shoots her from behind while copulating with that man and blackmailing her with that video. The young woman, in shock, confronts the boy. With the help of a beautiful teenager from another institute named Sofia, who is also a prostitute, she manages to blackmail Brando with a video taken by Sofia herself having sex with Brando’s father. With that video, Chiara tells him to eliminate her sex scene with the politician. Damiano discovers the truth about Chiara.

What secrets will the third reveal?

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