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Oscars 2018: the 9 best movies (and 1 more) to see this weekend

Are your ready for 2018 Oscars? There’s only 72 hours left to see all the movies that conquered the best picture nomination. We suggest you to watch all of them, plus one.



Call me by your name

It’s been 19 years a italian movie wasn’t included in best picture short list. Luca Guadagnino’s play talks about the love story between Elio and Oliver, during a hot italian summer in 1983. The movie gained 4 nominations: best picture, best original song, best adapted screenplay and best actor in a leading role (Timothée Chalamet).

Why you should watch it: because we debated about this movie for so long and because it’s good to support our country for such a good reason.




Christopher Nolan‘s movie depicts the evacuation of Dunquerque, a French seaside where the UK army was besieged by Nazis, during World War II.

Why you should watch it: because we can’t say no to a movie about World War II, especially if the director decided not to use special effects.



Get Out

It’s the second time in the Academy Awards history that an horror movie is included in the best picture short list. The first time was in 1992 for “The Silence of the Lambs”. And actually it won! Who knows if director Jordan Peele could score the award? Get out is about Chris, a young afro-american, that meet for the first time his wasp girlfriend’s parents. It will soon turn into a terryfing weekend, because his in-laws are like the new Ku Klux Klan.

Why you should watch it: because it’s the director’s debut, it was made with a tiny budget and it soon became the hottest movie to watch…and plus, a movie weekend without an horror one?


Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age teen movie and it’s the one you should’t expect in the best picture short list. Greta Gerwig, with her very first play, is the fifht woman to conquer the best director nomination. The plot portrays the relationship between the frustrated teenager Christine”Lady Bird” and her hyper protective mother Marion.

Why you should watch it: because it’s about strong women, inside the movie but also outside the screen. All the 5 nominations are dedicated to director Greta Gerwig and actresses  Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf.


Phantom thread

The Fifties couturier London’s atelier, where he creates beautiful dresses for princesses and movie stars is the set of Phantom thread, that talks about the relationship between the tailor  Reynolds Woodcock and his muse-lover Alma. It scored 6 nominations, included the one for best costumes, of course.

Why you should watch it: because it’s Daniel Day-Lewis‘s farewell, and he’s close to conquer his 4th Academy award.

The darkest hour 

United Kingdom during World War II scored 2 nominations at the Academy Awards. Besides Dunkirk, also The darkest hour portrays the most difficult moment in Winston Churchill’s career, when he had to take the hardest decision ever for the country’s safe.

Why you should watch it: again, we can’t say no to a good war movie, especially if Gary Oldman, with the Golden Globe already in his pocket, was able to turn himself into Chrurchill thanks to 200 make up hours.


The Post

Latest Steven Spielberg movie depicts how Washington Post, just a local newspaper, became one of the most important medium in United States with the publication of Penthagon Paper, thanks to editor in chief Ben Bradlee and newpaper heiress Katharine Graham, the first female publisher of a major American newspaper

Why you shoild watch it: because it’s about empowered women. Plus, how could you say no to Meryl Streep and her 22th Oscar nomination?


The shape of water

Guillermo Del Toro‘s movie scored 13 nominations (only Titanic had 14 nominations). The plot is about Elisa, a cleaning woman at a secret Usa government laboratory where she discovers a mysterious creature emprisoned in a tank. We’re in Baltimore during the Cold War in 1962 and that “monster” could be the right weapon to defeat the enemy.

Why you should watch it: because everybody loves impossibile love stories.



Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri 

The plot depicts how three billboards, on which Mildred addresses the local olice department on how they didn’t solve the case of her daughter’s rape and murder, will change the lives of the three main characters: Mildred, indeed, sheriff Bill and agent Jason.

Why you should watch it: because it scored 4 Golden Globe Awards and because it’s an outsider between so many big names.

I, Tonya

Tonya is Tonya Harding, the figure skater known as the first American woman to successfully land a triple axe that made headlines for the biggest sport scandal in the Usa.

Why you should watch it: it’s not in the best picture short list, but Margot Robbie was so credible in Tonya Harding’s costumes that she scord her very first nomination for best leading role. Maybe she won’t conquer the award, but we hope it would be the first of a long series.


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