Lifestyle - October 30, 2023

The best looks flaunted by celebrities at Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, as we know, and as is tradition, we can’t wait to discover the surprises that celebrities will reserve for us this year as well. This festival, celebrating the dark and mysterious side of each of us (but not only), offers stars the opportunity to showcase extraordinary costumes, capturing our attention and inspiring us.

But while we eagerly await what 2023 will bring, let’s take a journey between past and present to relive some of the most memorable looks presented by celebrities in recent years. In some photos, we will be able to admire some outfits proposed this year during some of the coolest pre-Halloween parties in America.

Let’s start with Paris Hilton, who this year amazed everyone by portraying Britney Spears in ‘Toxic,’ and continue with Cher as Cleopatra, Harry Styles as Elton John, and Demi Lovato as Snow White. Here, in one of our galleries, are the best Halloween costume inspirations.


Indeed, celebrities have a significant influence on Halloween costume trends. In summary, this holiday and celebs share a unique bond. Stars love to organize breathtaking Halloween parties that often attract the attention of international media.

‘Celebrities and Halloween: a perfect combination of glamour, creativity, and fun.’

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