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This world won’t make me evil: Zerocalcare’s consecration to watch right now on Netflix

This World Will Not Make Me Evil, the new animated series written and directed by Zerocalcare for Netflix, debuted on the streaming platform on 9 June in all countries where the service is active. A mega-event in Rome where fans of Michele Rech could live an immersive experience in the world inhabited by the characters created by Zerocalcare. A long-awaited second series (following Strappare lungo i bordi) that in fact confirms the success of the author, already appreciated for his publications and now also for his animated series.


Produced by Movimenti Production, a company of the Banijay group, in collaboration with BAO Publishing, Questo mondo non mi rendà cattivo is composed of 6 episodes, of about half an hour each, that go even deeper into the themes dear to the author. In Questo mondo non mi rendà cattivo the narrative world, the unique language and the historical and unmistakable characters of Zerocalcare’s universe return. Zero, Sarah, Secco, the Armadillo, the unfailing conscience of Zero, voiced once again by the unmistakable voice of Valerio Mastandrea, are joined by a new character: Cesare.


The plot

An old friend returns to the neighbourhood after several years of absence and finds it hard to recognise the world he grew up in. Zerocalcare would like to do something for him but realises he is unable to help him feel at home again and make the right choice to find his place in the world. This World Will Not Make Me Bad tells of the difficulty of remaining oneself amidst the contradictions of life. The very title of the series, which takes its inspiration from a song by a Roman singer-songwriter, represents a sort of mantra, a phrase that seems to hover over all the decisions that the protagonists have to make in the course of the story, almost as if to convince themselves, in the most difficult moments, those in which the risk of making wrong choices and denying one’s own ideals in order to get out of trouble becomes stronger.


Why it must be seen now

Zerocalcare’s narrative power is unsettling, every time and always more so. The characters, at times melancholic, at times irreverent and over the top, are an uncompromising portrait of who we are and who surrounds us. Compared to Tear Along the Edges, the political component – with a big reference to our narrower current affairs – drives the narrative but, with the mastery of one who knows how to make people laugh and move, Zerocalcare recounts all the most intimate nuances of our insecurities and hopes. This World Will Not Make Me Bad is a gift you give yourself.


The Soundtrack

Once again, the musical side plays a key role, almost a nameless but ever-present character. There are the big hits from the 90s, Michele Rech’s formative years and no shortage of Giancane’s lyrics. So get ready to dance to Friday I’m in Love and take a trip back in time to Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger and Hanson’s Mmmmbop. Of course you can’t miss the title song of the series, This World Won’t Make Me Bad by Path.



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