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Washpass by Haier: The Washing Machine Subscription with a Plan for Every Need


No longer just subscriptions to your favorite streaming platforms to enjoy beloved TV series or the latest movies, with Washpass by Haier, you can manage your laundry from your smartphone with “zero worries.” A subscription for every need will make domestic life easier, and your laundry will reach a decidedly pro level.

Washpass harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to guarantee exceptional results effortlessly. The only action required is to prepare the laundry for washing, select the program with the hOn app, and then let the magic happen. Washpass will choose the right mix of Nuncas detergent, cleaner, and fabric softener for you, ensuring optimal washing for your clothes.

The revolution in home appliances lies precisely in the zero-worries philosophy. In addition to the washing machine, the subscription includes the supply of Nuncas fabric softeners, detergents, and additives, personalized assistance, installation, and connection. Finally, to complete the offer, Haier provides an included warranty for the entire duration of the subscription.

Available Subscriptions

With a one-time activation cost of €150.00, you have three plans to choose from:

  1. Small Plan: €18.00 per month for 100 washes per year (approximately 2 per week);
  2. Medium Plan: €23.00 per month for 220 washes per year (approximately 4 per week);
  3. Large Plan: €28.00 per month for 340 washes per year (approximately 6 per week).

And for extra subscription washes, there are special rates:

a fixed price based on your rate (Small plan €1.00/wash, Medium plan €0.80/wash, Large plan €0.70/wash).

Nuncas Products Included in the Subscription

Nuncas is synonymous with quality, a combo that truly satisfies the most demanding with Haier appliances. Artificial Intelligence will mix the right doses, avoiding waste and making every wash optimal, as if your clothes had just come out of the laundry, thanks to the combination of:

  1. Stain Remover: to remove dirt even at low temperatures;
  2. Delicate Detergent: to regenerate fabrics, stabilize colors, and neutralize odors;
  3. Super Degreaser: to eliminate stubborn dirt and provide intense hygienic action at high temperatures;
  4. Finisher: to soften your clothes, giving them a pleasant feeling of freshness.

How many times have you prepared a wash only to discover that the detergent or fabric softener bottles were empty? Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence and the hOn app, product replenishment will be automatic! You’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite laundry products again. Let technology take care of reordering while you enjoy complete relaxation.

Which washing machine is included in the offer?

The Washpass HRZ 296DBCR/1-S washing machine is a front-loading model with a 9 kg load capacity, a spin speed of 1200 RPM, and a highly efficient Inverter BPM motor. It is rated A for energy efficiency and offers 14 washing programs to choose from. Additionally, with the dedicated app, you can customize each wash cycle from over 90 combinations, including the eco-friendly Eco Program. Thanks to the innovative disaggregated chemistry system, Washpass will reduce consumption by using only the necessary amount of detergents, helping to minimize waste and preserve the environment.

Article produced in collaboration with Haier.

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