Makeup - July 18, 2016

Using only cream-textured makeup products: a tutorial

So, upon popular demand – and even if you haven’t demanded it, you’ll love this – we are back with another episode of how to do your makeup using just one kind of product. After focusing on pencils last time, today we’re going to find out how to create a look while using only cream products. These are excellent for summer, they are easier to apply because all you need is your fingers, and it’s also an excellent solution for those days all your brushes are dirty, and you’re out of options to apply your foundation. As always, no tutorial is perfect, so some steps – such as mascara – tricked us into using stuff in another textures, other than cream. However, it was still fun to experiment a little! Shall we begin?

1. Primers. this is an easy one as most of these products come as creams, anyway. Primers are the basis for our mission’s success! Since we won’t use any makeup fixing powders, we recommend choosing a mat-finish primer for this step, this will ensure your look will hold for long.

2. Foundation. We decided mousse counts as cream for our game, and since we’re making the rules anyway, we are pretty sure no one will oppose this decision. If you would rather not end up with your face looking like it melted at the end of the day, use just a small amount of foundation: since it’s so thick, the cream texture will allow you to use a lot less than the you would if you were using a liquid foundation.

3. Concealers, there’s so many to choose from! So many you could stock up for about a thousand years’ time! Remember that if you want to cover blemishes with a long lasting effect, you should stick to drier formulas. Choose delicate, moisturising formulations when taking care of the rings under your eyes.

4. Eyebrows. That’s something pretty hard to pull off without any tools other than your fingers, but the product is technically cream! We’re talking brow pomade here: these pomades are super popular right now among makeup lovers. You will just need an angular brush and a bit of practice, and this will define your look just wonderfully.

5. Cheeks. This is an easy one: we easily found products for contouring, as well as highlighters and blushes! There’s a lot of alternatives on the market, and we put some of our top suggestions in the gallery. Remember to blend the color very well, if you want to avoid looking like a clown 😉

6. Lips. So long lipsticks, hello lip balms! The bonus points of using a cream-based product, in this case, is that it will treat your lips as well as make them colorful.

7. Eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows are a basic tool for creating a look really quickly and for any occasion. We recommend mixing more than one color: pick a nuance, and watch the light reflecting in the eyeshadow’s pigment do the rest.

8. Mascara. We’ve got nothing to say in our defence. How on earth could we apply cream mascara?!

So, we’ve made it, once again, 7 out of 8! Have a look at our gallery to discover our favorites, if you want to try out the tips from our tutorial. Have fun!

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