People - July 9, 2020

TBS Meets…Baby K!

Only 10 days and it is already at the top of the hit lists of this Summer 2020! Non Mi Basta Più, the new single by Baby K and jingle from the brand new Pantene spot, is a hit to sing at the top of your lungs as well as an invitation to always believe that something beautiful and positive is about to arrive. The guest of honour and exceptional singer is our muse Chiara Ferragni, who during the recording of the Pantene spot, together with Baby K, decided to take part in a new, unique and explosive adventure. An almost random encounter that has turned into an artistic partnership worthy of a catchphrase, so we could describe the relationship between our Chiara and the pop singer Baby K, who in this journey have discovered that have many more things in common than previously thought. Waiting for the video (it will leave you speechless, know it!) Which will be released today, Thursday 9 July, we decided to meet Baby K to let us tell you all about this extraordinary collaboration

Who knows, if Chiara Ferragni has put herself in the shoes of a singer, should we expect Baby K in those of a fashion icon? See the video to believe it! In the meantime, here’s our interview with Baby K:

TBS: Can you explain to us the title “Non Mi Basta Più”? Are you referring to something in particular?

BABY K: Non Mi Basta Più refers to the importance of perspective and the way we look at things in life. Even in such a different and difficult summer like this one, I celebrate the joie de vivre and encourage everyone to see the glass half-full

TBS: What can you tell us about your collaboration with Pantene?

BABY K: The collaboration with Pantene was something new, to which I am clearly very happy to have participated with music too. More than anything I had a lot of fun on the set with Chiara, it was a wonderful experience!

TBS: Let’s go straight to the hottest question: who duets with you in Non Mi Basta Più? How come this choice and what did you discover to have in common?

BABY K: I can finally say it! Non Mi Basta Più, my new single, features a guest of honour: queen Chiara Ferragni! I am super happy with this collaboration; after shooting the spot together, let’s say that it was natural for us to want to continue this path. What I can say I have in common with Chiara is that we are both independent, strong, self-made women. I have long respected Chiara and I am very happy to be able to bring this summer to an iconic level, it will all be very very iconic!

TBS: Let’s be honest: will our Chiara have a future in the world of music?

BABY K: Of course Chiara could have a future in music! But Chiara, if you were to become a very famous singer, please remember that you made your first collaboration with me!

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