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 Disney Villains have always had a great appeal on the public. It will be for their controversial personalities and the iconic style, but evil queens, in particular, are considered the coolest of the Disney house. Thanks to Disney+, for a few months now we have been able to rekindle the adventures of our favourite heroes, making a jump into the past in worlds that we thought we had forgotten and which, surprisingly, we still remember by heart. The Disney Villains, who made us plug our eyes with fear as children, gained the love of the public thanks to their characters, their stories and their style, now iconic, which are perfectly described in the new Disney movies dedicated to them. Spoiler moment: we know that Maleficent is one of your favourites and, breaking news, from 29 May you can enjoy it streaming on Disney+. But before talking about Maleficent, do you want to discover our favourite Villains? Here are the coolest and most loved:

THE BOSSY LADY – Cruella De Vil  

Cruella De Vil is the villain most feared by every child. The antagonist in the famous Disney movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a controversial and cynical character. She could be a perfect Bossy Lady of these days! Her name derives from the word game based on cruel and devil, meaning also taken from the iconic country house in which she lives: Hell Hall. Cruella is a tall woman, with pointed cheekbones, very thin and a perfect Drama Queen attitude. She walks surrounded by the heavy smell of the cigarette she smokes, she has half white and half black hair and clothes that would envy the biggest fashion houses. The ostentation of luxury is one of her main characteristics: not only the luxury car that drives but above all the clothes she wears have made her famous. She is characteristically eccentric, insensitive, unprejudiced and irascible. We have all criticized her at least once for her raw ways, especially against the much-loved Dalmatian puppies. In reality, Crudelia is a woman who will pay dearly for her ostentation, but let’s face it, she has created a Coco Chanel-style look that will go down in history: long low-necked cocktail dress, red shoes, huge fur coats, red gloves up to the elbow and aquamarine-coloured jewellery.

THE OVERDRESSED – Ursula, The Sea Witch


Ursula is an introverted and mysterious creature, restless and envious but very clever and reflective. She is the antagonist of the beloved Little Mermaid and lives in a dark underwater realm next to Atlantica, the fairy kingdom of King Triton. Her world is made of grey sand, fine and insidious, which perfectly incorporates some of the main sides of his character. She has a thirst for wealth, knowledge and rare artefacts and is a careful spell expert. It is she who will give the Little Mermaid a potion that will allow her to have human legs that will make her reunite with the prince, her great earthly love. At what price though? Ursula will want the wonderful voice of the Little Mermaid in return and will change her features to become the most wanted princess of the “Kingdom of Up there”. Smart enough? How it will end maybe you already know, but let’s stop for a moment to judge her style! Exaggerated and unconventional, Ursula is the one we would call Overdressed today. The skin is indigo, the hair is short and white and the body is reminiscent of a tight and very long black-purple dress that recalls the tight-fitting leather clothes of some of our favourite brands.


Grimilde, generically called The Evil Queen, is the antagonist and stepmother of the beautiful and naive Snow White. Grimilde is a witch expert in black magic, superb and vain, and obsessed with her beauty. Her goal is to be the most beautiful woman in the realm, a question she always addresses to her beloved and famous mirror: “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?“. Snow White will put her supremacy at risk and the queen’s envy will flow, to the point of wishing for her death. The obsession with beauty led Grimilde to have an unmistakable and iconic aesthetic: she has a severe face and a slender body, a white complexion with pink cheeks, green eyes, red lips and thin, arched  eyebrows. She wears a large black cloak edged with white fur and lined with red inside, a black hood that covers her hair, ears and neck, a gold pendant with a red gem in the centre, a high white collar behind the head, some yellow-orange high-heeled shoes and a five-pointed crown, on which in the fifth, the central and highest one, rests a small white pearl. Stylish enough? 

But let’s go to Maleficent! In case you have not yet seen the film dedicated to her: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, streaming on Disney+, we will avoid spoilers but… let’s understand better who she is! Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is the sequel to the movie Maleficent, which is focused on her history and origins. Maleficent is a beautiful, young and good fairy creature with large and mighty wings. The betrayal of her great love Stefano, who will try to kill her to obtain King Henry’s throne, will transform her into a revenge-seeking warrior. Precisely this is the theme on which the long-awaited sequel will focus, whose plot will have as a chore not only the story of Maleficent but his relationship of hate and love with the beautiful Aurora, daughter of King Henry, on which the fairy had made impose a brutal spell. Maleficent is sophisticated, regal and elegant. She looks like a tall and beautiful woman, with light, almost green skin, yellow eyes and two long black horns on the head. She wears a large black coat on the outside and purplish on the inside, a gold ring with a large black stone set and a sceptre with a green sphere. Her style, given above all by the iconic headdress with horns, has made her the favourite disguise of every fashion addicted. How about knowing, or reliving her history? Find Maleficent: Mistress of Evil on Disney+!

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