People - May 12, 2020


TikTok has become our favourite quarantine game companion…celebs included! But there is one song, in particular, that is going viral reaching the Spotify top charts. What is it about? The new single Toosie Slide by Drake, whose ballet between a “left foot up and a right foot slide” is conquering the web. But who is Toosie? Toosie can boast the title of having his name in a Drake song; well yes Toosie is a person and he also invented a dedicated choreography intended to move the social people.

Toosie is a 23-year-old from Atlanta who has hip hop literally in his veins. His choreography published on Youtube and Instagram are among the most clicked to the point that his name is connected to a series of world-famous big names: 2 Chainz, Migos, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Usher and not least Drake.

The Toosie Slide Ballet was created in less than 45 minutes about a month ago when Drake thought of him with a message that read “I need choreography for my new single!” At the time the song was not yet finished, but there was a super catchy refrain that read as you know by now “Left foot up, Right Foot Slide, Right Foot Up, Left Foot Slide”. The steps came by themselves following the notes of the now hit and in no time it became viral both on TikTok and on Instagram. Drake says he fell in love with it when he saw it for the first time, to the point of giving the title of the song the name of his choreographer. Celebrities? They did not have a very different reaction from that of the singer and launched a real TikTok challenge. Want to see the funniest ones? Here are the #ToosieSlideChallenge we love … OH! We look forward to Drake’s! (Click the names to watch the videos)

Jason Derulo 

Justin Bieber


Lele Pons


Dj Khaled

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