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HBD MILLIE BOBBY BROWN! Here, 5 stranger things you didn’t know about her

Her performance in the role of Eleven in Stranger Things has ensured her a safe place in the prodigious children’s olympus. We’re talking about Millie Bobbie Brown, class 2004 who turns today 15 among the birthday wishes of her almost 18 million and a half enamored followers.

It took her life only three years to take an unexpected and winning direction: among the compliments that celebrities like Stephen King and Kim Kardashian paid her, she’s one of the most appreciated girl of the nowadays global cinematographic scene. Her interpretation, that has been called “silent” for the number of lines she has had in the first season of Stranger Things, has been so efficient and touching that has led her to global success.

Millie was born in Spain, raised in Great Britain and then she decided to move to Hollywood with her parents, who among sacrifices and changes of heart wanted to help her pursuing her biggest dream: becoming an actress. Today she is very sought-after in the movie scene and between works as a model, testimonial and singer, the long future that is waiting for her seems to be nothing but rosy. But, are you sure to know everything about her? Here’s a list of 5 stranger things you didn’t expect about her and obviously: Happy Birthday Millie!!

She met Drake in the backstage of one of his american tours. Among chats and laughs she herself declared that they looked like being one the fangirl and boy of the other. Since then they became inseparable friends

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taking all bar mitzvah bookings for 2018

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Among embarassment and emotion, she gave her first kiss on the set of Stranger Things to her collegue and friend Finn Wolfhard

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love u @finnwolfhardofficial ! ! ! goodnight people ♥️

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She had to shave her head to interpret Eleven. Despite the initial fear, she was convinced by Matt Duffer, one of the series’ producer, with a reasoning that surprisingly made her change her mind: “Look how beautiful Charlize Theron looks in her Mad Man interpretation”

She looks a lot like a younger Natalie Portman, to the point that some think they’re related… seeing is believing! (even though they confirmed they’re not relatives).

One of her biggest passion in singing, in particular rap songs. She exhibited publicly for the first time during the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fellon, since then it became a sort of tradition during her hosted.

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