Shopping - December 19, 2016

10 smart purchase ideas for pre-Christmas sales

In case you haven’t realized already, we’ll break the good news: there’s already some stuff on sale online! And since Christmas sales come as a surprise, you should be aware that they might as well be gone the next day. So, girls, it’s time to get strategic with your shopping, to make sure you don’t miss those items you weren’t convinced about yet, or those you really wanted, but found too expensive for your budget so far. Now is the time, don’t miss them! The first step to figure out what a “smart purchase” is, is to understand what you feel is missing from your wardrobe. You can decide to finally cross something off the wishlist that was there forever, or to get something useful for the holidays. Anything goes, any excuse is good to a bit of shopping 🙂 ! If you don’t have any precise ideas in mind yet, here are our TOP 10 items to get on sale.With a few ideas of designs and models in the gallery! Merry Xmas, girls!

1) Party dresses. During the holidays, a pretty dress for a special occasion is the smartest purchase to make. We wish you a 2017 full of occasions to wear your new dress!

2) Cozy coats. December might seem like it is almost too late to buy a coat, but there are still 2 full months of winter left, or even more — depending on where you live, there might be even 3 or 4! A warm, snuggly coat is always a good investment, one you can re-use next year.

3) Mid-heel booties. Day and night, you can count on them to give a special touch to all your outfits.

4) Midi skirts. They are very trendy, and if you are looking for an exclusive model, it is probably not so cheap… So sales are the perfect time to finally get that cool midi skirt you will want to wear all the time.

5) Lingerie dresses. It’s always a good idea to buy a sexy nightgown… Even more so if you can use it as a dress to go out with!

6) Maxi earrings. They are our favorite glam touch of all our party looks, and they are a must-have during the day, too, by now — to be worn with super casual clothes.


7) Ballet flats. With colored socks in Winter, with a skirt in Spring, they are the feminine, delicate touch you need to make your outlook just perfect.

8) Necklaces. Wearing many necklaces at the same time is very in this season, and it’s not always easy to buy several necklaces in just one go. Don’t miss your chance!

9) Tartan poncho coats. They are more lightweight than coats, perfect for the tail end of Winter, and to transition into Spring.

10) Cool sneakers. We usually choose white or black ones, but since they’re on sale, why not use this time to finally buy that colorful or embroidered pair you wanted?

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