Skin - December 1, 2016

The lazy girl diary: an ode to body oil, or the secret trick to have a skin to die for

For lazy people, beauty is a world that, rather than fascinate with pampering and treats, intimidates them, with its time-consuming beauty rituals, and the consistency with which they must apply treatments, if they want them to actually work. Just think for a second about what you do every morning: you scrub your skin in the shower, you apply moisturizer on your face, anti-cellulite cream on your thighs and your buttocks, taking time to massage it into your body, and then you move on to a nourishing cream for the top part of your body… If we also include what we do for our hair and makeup, it would probably end up counting as a good 25 minutes daily, dedicated to self-care. And that would be just fine, if only I weren’t one of those people who would rather spend that time snoozing my alarm, over and over! It’s the drama of all lazy people: there is really nothing better than lazing time away for us, despite knowing in our hearts of hearts that using that time differently would be immensely better for us, for our mood, and for our skin, too, in this case.

Yes, if you are lazy, that’s a tragedy for your skin. If there’s anything you can skip, you will: so, goodbye scrubs, so long, massages, and most of all, see ya, moisturiser, unless strictly necessary. My main objective after showering is optimizing time, so that I can go hang out on the couch, and get ready to watch the next episode of Stranger Things… or to even just get out of the house at a reasonable time, since I probably will have stayed in bed until the very last minute possible. So: what is the best way to keep your skin silky and moisturized? A miracle, you say. And I will say: body oil! I discovered this by chance about ten years ago, and I can assure you, it completely revolutionized my beauty routine. I started with the basics, with Johnson’s baby oil, spraying it on my wet skin right after I was done showering. There must be a reason why we call it baby skin, right? After that, I evolved, and started choosing more luxury varieties, often scented ones, since I don’t wear perfume, and long-lasting fragrances bother me. Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe is a true must-have for me: I spray it on my body in the shower, since the one downside of body oil is that it’s also very good at coating every surface in the bathroom, gifting fans with spectacular falls, and not just silky skin. Lately, I started treating myself to the little luxury of coupling Chanel N°5 body wash and body oil, which offers the advantage of preserving the famous fragrance’s bouquet, but in a super light-version. Chanel N°5 body oil is also a little drier, which also allows me to spray it on my wrists and on my neck when my skin is dry.

The length of the entire operation? Just ten seconds. Trust me: you will become fans, too, also because oil really works for any kind of beauty routine. Those who don’t want to give up on their favorite fragrance can get a fragrance-free oil, or buy an oil coupled with their fragrance, if there is one; those who enjoy changing frequently can choose different oils with strong scents, and maybe alternate those to a fragrance-free one if they want to keep on playing with perfume, too. You will have wonderful skin with minimal effort: take a lazy girl’s word for it. 😉


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