Woman Crush Wednesday: Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson, our WCW of the week, has been under the spotlight so much lately that we are pretty sure you […]
Woman Crush Wednesday: Skai Jackson
I always wondered what it must feel like when Time magazine lists you among the most influential teenagers in the […]
Woman Crush Wednesday: Gucci Gang
Angelina, Annabelle, Crystal and Thaïs are the Gucci Gang girls — the Parisian girl crew that is grabbing more and […]
Woman Crush Wednesday: Francia Raìsa
She’s been the talk of town for a week, everyone is using really strong, positive adjectives to describe her, some […]
Woman Crush Wednesday: Li Yuchun a.k.a. Chris Lee
Super short hair, hardly — or any — makeup and a very boyish look: Li Yuchun, a.k.a. Chris Lee, is a […]
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