Beauty - May 14, 2020

A Live Chat With Edmond Eisenberg

The situation that the world is experiencing due to the Coronavirus emergency has radically changed not only the lives of all of us but the fate of many members of the fashion & beauty sector. In particular, the latter seems to have been the protagonist of a real revolution, which in a dark period has been able to find a new light. Taking care of yourself with time and dedication, being aware of the hygiene rules to be followed and the ingredients that act on our body, now seems to have become a diktat that each of us, who more or less, undertakes to follow to the letter. It is now up to the big brands to guarantee an ever more scrupulous and attentive relationship of trust with the consumer, supplying goods and services that take into consideration all the changes to which we have been subjected. We have decided not to speak by hearsay, but to involve those who have been taking care of the beauty and skin of all of us for years: Edmond Eisenberg, son of the founder of the beauty brand Eisenberg, as well as director and brand manager. Yesterday, May 13, during a live on Instagram, The Blonde Salad was able to chat with Edmond about some of the hottest topics of the moment, to understand closely how the beauty leaders are facing this strange, upsetting and exceptional moment. Are you curious to find out what Edmond Eisenberg told us? Here is what we said during yesterday’s live broadcast:

Edmond Eisenberg: First things first, how have you been? 

The Blonde Salad: We’re all doing good fortunately, what about you? How’s the situation in France? 

Edmond Eisenberg: I guess it’s very similar to the current Italian situation, let’s just hope and pray that everything will get better soon!

The Blonde Salad: Talking about this, ever since the lockdown started everyone is arguing about how the fashion industry will overcome this situation, but what can you tell me about the beauty industry? 

Edmond Eisenberg: Well, I really appreciate that you’re asking me about that! Lately the Coronavirus taught us something that is very very important which is aging and taking care about ourselves. More than ever skincare and beauty have never been as relevant as they’re now, because we went back to the fundamentals, we have more time to spend at home so we have more time to take care of ourselves with beauty pillars. At the same time, being more at home, taught us to avoid heavy and covering make-up ‘cause it isn’t hygienic anymore. People are going back to skincare and solid products, and of course we’re very glad about it. People learned to avoid ephemeral products and brands.

The Blonde Salad: I completely agree! What would you think is the best beauty routine to do now? Would you give us some advices? 

Edmond Eisenberg: We believe in simplicity and basic steps, there’s not one perfect product, there’re products perfect for you and this is the result of research about what’s good for you, what are you expecting and what you need. We go for very basic steps which are: cleansing, every morning and night, moisturizing not only to hydrate but to protect your skin from pollution and eye contour which is a very delicate area. 

The Blonde Salad: Of course! A lot of people use their moisturizer for the eye contour, but isn’t that wrong? 

Edmond Eisenberg: We really take care of the eye contour with specific products, because the skin under our eyes it’s five times thinner than the one on the rest of our faces, this means is more fragile and where you’ll have the biggest signs of fatigue, pollution and aging. It is very very important to target this area. 

The Blonde Salad: I can spot there some products that I can’t wait to hear about, would you show them to us? 

Edmond Eisenberg: Sure! As i told you there’s not one perfect product, but we have one that is very amazing and it’s our Excellence Soin Sublimateur. This is a wonderful product for the eye contour, which fights the signs of fatigue, tiredness and lack of hydration and vitamins. 

The Blonde Salad: Finding the perfect products depend also on where we live right? I think we’re almost all living in big cities lately and pollution is our skin’s first enemy. But I have something to fight it…your START line and it’s incredible! 

Edmond Eisenberg: Oh I’m so glad to hear you like it! I personally love the START products, their effective and super easy to use. 

The Blonde Salad: I’m reading in the comments that people want to know when they have to apply serums or toners. I guess it’s interesting because a lot of people don’t know the difference between them and they use everything. 

Edmond Eisenberg: That’s why I said “simple routines are the best!” We always recommend not only to cleanse and moisturize every morning and night, but also to exfoliate once a week and apply a mask, since they’re very important to lift  and regenerate. So, serum and toner are always good questions. The toner is a wonderful product that you have to use at the end of your routine to refresh and fix the products you used before. The serum is always after the cream, the toner can also be applied at night on its own just to feel fresher. 

The Blonde Salad: Which are the other products you want to show us? 

Edmond Eisenberg: We have a lot of products that I love! First of all, I want to talk to you about our fragrances! I just took out two fragrances that I love: J’osè which means “I dare” and it also recalls my dad’s name! it’s both a feminine and male fragrance, super provocative and about being all equal. I just love it and use it every day. Going back to skincare, Hydration and avoid pollution are super important steps to take and I want you to show our “Complexe Anti Age” for men, which has also a feminine version called “Anti-Ageing Treatment”. 

The Blonde Salad: Talking about anti-ageing products, a lot of young people believe they don’t need them, isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t we start around our mid-twenties to use them? 

Edmond Eisenberg: Absolutely! Anti-ageing products are preventive. Our three molecular formula, that we use in these products, is made to prevent and you can start using them as young as you can. After your teen years, you can start taking care of ageing. 

The Blonde Salad: What can you tell me about masks?

Edmond Eisenberg: I have this mask that I love, it is called Masque Tenseur Remodelant. It’s a face remodelling mask and what is stunning about it, it’s not only its three molecular formula but also its encapsulated vitamins. You can use it as a daily mask, leaving it on for 5 minutes, to moisturize or twice a week for 15 minutes to better penetrate your skin and get a firming and remodelling effect on your skin on a very long term. 

The Blonde Salad: I can imagine it! What we love about your products is the texture. It’s never thick or too heavy, but light and super effective!

Edmond Eisenberg: I thank you so much for this comments, we put all our efforts in studying formulas and research ingredients that can do good for our clients and at the end of the time the celebrities are not only our products but all of our consumers. The thing that speaks is the product, you can have thousands of celebrities that sponsor your products, but if they’re not effective they won’t be successful. We created the START line with more democratic prices, properly to include young people among our consumers. The trust of the consumer is the most important thing!

The Blonde Salad: There will be news from Eisenberg in the next months?

Edmond Eisenberg: Of course there will be! Due to Coronavirus, we had to wait to launch our new products, but I promise that by the end of 2020 there will be amazing news both for women and men!  What we went through these last 4 months is a great lecture for all and I want to conclude telling you that we’re always here for you Italians! We love your country and we think about you so much during this tough time that you’re leaving. You’re and you’ve always been an example for the world, an inspiration and we love you! 

The Blonde Salad: Thank you so much for these words, it’s a very important message to share and it’s absolutely mutual! We can’t wait to travel to your country and to welcome you here! 

SEE THE FULL LIVE ON @theblondesalad AND @eisenberg IG ACCOUNTS! 

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