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Anastasia Soare interview: the founder of ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ launches a new palette

Anastasia Soare, aka Anastasia Beverly Hills, is the well-known Romanian-American entrepreneur, founder and CEO of one of the most successful cosmetics companies. After her studies, she immediately entered the diverse world of aesthetics, and is now considered the queen of the perfect brows.

In 2019, Forbes listed Anastasia Soare among the richest and most influential self-made women in the world. She started out working as an aesthetician in a salon in Los Angeles, then after realising how perfect brows were to explore, she created the Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method. Anastasia subsequently launched her own make-up line, and this too would prove to be one of her greatest successes.

Anastasia Soare‘s line is a true beauty philosophy and she is one of the most popular beauty gurus among celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to Oprah Winfrey and Sharon Stone. Her line is now all the rage around the world and her products are not only available on her sales platform but also at Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, ULTA and selected retailers in no less than 30 different countries.

Among the latest innovations, the brand founded by Anastasia has recently launched the Nouveau Palette. It is ideal to experience this special palette as a journey through neutral shades and colours, ideal in everyday life, and others that are more intense and decidedly pop.


This palette features no less than 12 different shades, some with matt textures and tones, others metallic, ultra-bright and full of shimmer. The packaging is renewed, classy, glamorous and equipped with a large mirror so that the final result is perfectly in line with Anastasia Beverly Hills imagery.


Let’s start right away with the new palette…

The packaging is different, you see it at a glance, we used a new material. The palette comprises twelve beautiful colours that can be mixed to create new ones. There are combinations that can create really incredible proportions and depth.

What is the secret to making the best use of a palette like this?

The basic rule is to learn how to use make-up to create an illusion of perfection by enlarging or shrinking facial features. You can give new life to your face, just like in Leonardo da Vinci’s studies, the secret is to respect proportions. Right from the start, I wanted to teach my clients how to use my make-up, not just give them a top-quality palette. You have to observe, know and never stop studying our face to understand where you can improve.

A tip for the summer look?

The must-have product is Brow Freeze, it’s wonderful. Colourless and can be used by anyone, comb your eyebrows and you immediately get a fresh look. In summer you don’t need much make-up: an illuminant, a touch of lipstick like my Dusty Rose or Peach (I’m obsessed with this colour) and there you have the perfect Summer Look.

How did your collaboration with RuPaul Drag Race come about?

My daughter and I love RuPaul, we have been watching the show since the very first episodes. When I came to the US I was an immigrant, I started working in a Beauty Salon and the gay community welcomed and supported me, they introduced me to new clients and taught me the business. So I started working with big celebrities and it came natural to reciprocate, that’s the sense of community.  But the reason we watched Drag Race was because drag girls know contouring better than anyone, make-up that becomes art, such a wonderful and true concept that had to be supported.

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