Beauty - March 26, 2021

Beauty Brands To Know: Drunk Elephant

It may be due to the super fluo packaging or the charming and fun name, what is certain is that Drunk Elephant is making thousands of beauty addicts “drunk with love”!

But what is it about? Let’s start from the beginning:

Tiffany Masterson is the founder of Drunk Elephant, brad beauty born from the desire to market products that do not contain any substances harmful to the skin. Well it is normal you will say, but it is not! Tiffany has in fact identified 6 ingredients, which she now calls Suspicious 6, at the root of her skin problems and like her of thousands of women, such as oily skin in the T-zone, recurring pimples, visible pores and so on.

What are the Suspicious 6?

There are 6 ingredients including essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, synthetic sun creams, fragrances and dyes and SLS, contained in almost all products on the market. According to Tiffany, these 6 ingredients are the cause of some of the most common skin problems because “When the skin is exposed to irritants and sensitizers, the damage can be imperceptible and increase over time, making it more and more reactive,” Masterson states. “We believe we have” sensitive “skin, but it is often the skin that has become sensitized over time, this is an aspect that can be easily addressed”

Hence Tiffany’s idea of ​​giving life to Drunk Elephant, a beauty brand founded on research and self-training, which has helped to create a new category in skin care: the biocompatible category. What does it mean? Masterson has isolated in the creation of Drunk Elephant products, the most effective ingredients, both synthetic and natural, for the immediate benefit of the skin’s health. All Drunk Elephant products are in fact formulated using a high percentage of active ingredients with PH levels favorable to the skin, in order to be recognized and easily absorbed. Drunk Elephant products are real “smoothies” for skin care.

But Why the name Drunk Elephant?

When Tiffany Masterson began her search for ingredients to use in her products, she fell in love with Marula oil, a native of Africa and was enchanted by the legend that elephants get drunk by eating its fruits. Marula oil, contained in many of the Drunk Elephant products, is therefore one of the key ingredients to take a break from the now well-known Suspicious 6!

In fact, to restore the natural conditions of the skin it is necessary to take a Drunk Break! That is a break from the 6 harmful ingredients, starting to enjoy the benefits that a line of products like Drunk Elephant promises to achieve.

What are the products?

PS. To restore the skin to its natural state, start by trying The Littles clutch bag, a beauty case with mini versions of all Drunk Elephant products!

What’s inside The Littles bag? 

WHAT: Cleansing gel that removes all traces of makeup, excess sebum, pollution and other impurities accumulated during the day.

WHAT: Ultra-hydrating serum to restore the complexion and improve its appearance

texture and skin tone.

WHAT: Multidimensional repairing cream, offers barrier support by strengthening the acid mantle of the skin and protecting it from the effects of daily stress agents

WHAT: ultra-technological AHA / BHA gel that gives a fresh look to dull and congested skin by gently removing dead cells.

WHAT: Facial oil rich in fundamental antioxidants and omega 6 and 9 based on Marula, which nourishes and gives balance, restoring a young radiance.

WHAT: Rich and regenerating eye contour cream with a combination of eight peptides, five forms of vitamin C and cucumber extract to give the skin around the eyes a more toned and stronger appearance.

WHAT: Protein-rich moisturizer, which combines a wide range of signal peptides, growth factors, supporting amino acids and pygmy water lily, for an instant improvement in tone, texture and firming of the skin.

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