Beauty - December 13, 2018

Double interview: L’Estetista Cinica + Manuele Mameli

Perfect skin for the holiday season? We asked some tips to the beauty gurus of the moment: Cristina Fogazzi, aka L’Estetista Cinica, and Manuele Mameli, Chiara Ferragni’s glam artist and The Blonde Salad talent. With their suggestions (and our beauty products), we won’t need to ask Santa Claus for radiant skin! Discover them in our double interview, that you can read here and watch in our Instagram Stories.


Three beauty must-haves of the moment?

L’Estetista Cinica: My skincare must-have for 2019 are a microfiber face cloth, a vitamin C serum, and a salicylic acid product. I’m suggesting these products especially to young girls with combination skin.

Manuele Mameli: My 3 beauty must-haves are: a nude lipgloss, metallic eye-shadow and a stick highlighter.


Makeup tip for the holiday season?

EC: My Holiday beauty tip? Always remember to remove your makeup. In these weeks, you’re probably going to use a lot of of makeup for all the parties, events and dinners you have to attend. Even if you come back home late, always spend a few minutes to clean your skin.

MM: It may sounds cliché, but a red lipstick is the beauty must-have for the holiday season.


Who would you give our beauty products to?

EC: I absolutely love this face scrub. It’s perfect for all skin types. Girls with sensitive skin should pay attention to massage product onto skin gently. It’s enriched with vegetable oils, that’s why it also has a nourishing effect.  This white clay mask is the ideal choice for girls who have combination or oily skin. It also has a brightening effect. If your skin is dull, this is the skincare product for you

MM: I would give these products to all the girls who keep asking me which is the best foundation in the world. It doesn’t exist. Take care of your skin with a very good product.


How to get perfect skin?

EC: I think cleansing is the secret for perfect skin. Since it’s almost Christmas time, I’m telling you another beauty secret: exfoliation. I want to share with all of you a very important message. Love yourself! I think this is the best beauty treatment.

MM: Take care of it. It’s very important to use face scrubs and creams frequently.


L’Estetista Cinica beauty tutorial: Let’s see how to use Love yourself Face Mask and Face Ccrub of the new L’Estetista Cinica X TBS limited edition. Take the Face Scrub, open it and smell it… The fragrance is so good! Look at these beautiful little hearts inside. Apply the scrub on dry skin and massage it well, especially on the forehead. Remember to rub it gently. You would probably think it will be very hard to remove it. Well, it’s super easy: in contact with water, it becomes really smooth and it’s very easy to rinse it off. The scrub’s granules don’t harm sea life. Love Yourself Face Mask is a sebum-balancing mask with ingredients like white clays, that is perfect for combinations skin types. It also gives a wonderful brightening effect. Apply it with the little brush you’ll find inside the box, avoiding the eye area. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

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