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Hair-shaming is for losers. And Chiara Ferragni approves

Hair-shaming is for losers. And Chiara Ferragni approves

How many times, before going out, we looked ourselves in the mirror and thought: “OMG, my hair is so awful!”. Probably, every single day. Well, relax: you’re not alone! According to research conducted by Pantene in partnership with Yale University, only 1 in 10 women is satisfied with her locks.

We take care of our hair every day, but it never meets our expectations. Are we sure is only about our expectations? Or is it more about the others’ ones?  Hair, since forever, has always been a target of labels and superstition. Blondes? So stupid. Curls? Messy like a bush. Redheads? Carrot top. Brunettes? They would love to be blonde. All these stereotypes don’t help us to accept ourselves for who we really are. The result? Every girl with curls would prefer to have straight hair, all the brunettes dye their hair blonde: we always want to be something else, because we don’t want to be labeled.

It’s so easy to use others’ physical insecurities to let them down. Especially on social networks, where haters are always around the corner. An Instagram celebrity like Chiara Ferragni, who shares her everyday life with more than 15 million followers all around the globe, is a target of labels, too! Her iconic blonde strands, that inspired her blog name, The Blonde Salad, is always under the radar of her fans, thanks to all the hairstyles and look makeover she experienced in these years.

No one would ever think that the most powerful fashion influencer in the world could receive bad comments about her hair. Actually, she received a lot of them every day. When she dyed her hair pink, someone said it that a mother should never do these things. Others, called her “Pippi Longstocking” when she made braids. The one she always finds in her comments? “Too blonde to be smart!”

For Chiara Ferragni and for all of us, it’s time to say stop to all these labels and to launch a new message: #StopHairShaming! Our muse is the ambassador of the new Pantene advertising campaign, that wants to pus hall the women to say no to this form of bullying and to free their hair’s strength. Where is it hidden? In the beautiful diversity of our locks, that makes us unique and wonderful! If we feel confident with our hair, we can face our busy days with more positive energy, Just like Chiara Ferragni does every single day.

“We’re all fighting to help women to feel more confident, that’s why I find these comments about ‘stupid blondes’ so superficial and old-fashioned! Stupid blonde, Carrot top, Curly bush… Stop with all these labels! I’ve never felt ‘perfect’ in my life, but I’ve always been lucky to feel confident in my skin. Don’t let labels define you. Celebrate your uniqueness. It will be your strong point”, said Chiara Ferragni.

Discover the video and the backstage of new Pantene campaign with Chiara Ferragni and follow it on Instagram through the hashtags #StopHairshaming #Hairshamingisforlosers


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