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Summer 2023 Hair Trends: From Short Bleached Cuts to Beach Waves

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to discover and explore all the hair trends that have defined the most beloved season of the year. This year, the runways showcased a variety of styles, from short bleached cuts to the wet look. Let’s find out what dominated the summer hairstyle scene!

Short and Bleached Cuts: Fresh and Bold

From pastel shades to bolder hues, even classic blondes, this trend adds a touch of eccentricity to any style. Many of us, especially this summer, have been inspired by this trend. Pixie cuts, short or shaggy styles, often embellished with surprising colors, have been the most popular this summer.

Natural Style and Beach Waves: The “Blue Lagoon” Effect

Nothing screams “summer” more than beach waves. This natural look, seemingly created by saltwater and sunlight, is a timeless summer favorite. Achieving it is easy; just apply the right spray. By the way, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, this style is ideal for enhancing your natural texture.

Bob Hairstyles: From Classic Lengths to Asymmetrical Cuts

Bob hairstyles continue to dominate the medium-length scene for summer 2023. From classic styles with uniform lengths to asymmetrical bobs with longer sections in the front, there are options for every taste. Play with different lengths and shapes to find the perfect bob for you.

Summer Braids: Flaunt a “Respectful” Style

Braids are another perfect choice for summer. However, it’s crucial to remember to avoid cultural appropriation and respect the origins of these braided hairstyles. The key is to opt for a braided style that aligns more with your own culture, avoiding emulation of traditional styles that do not belong to your cultural heritage.

“Lacquered” Hairstyles: Partings and Wet Look

Lacquered hairstyles are making a surprising comeback. With a side part, middle part, or no part at all, you can achieve a classy and defined look. Moreover, besides the classic hairspray hold, the wet look is gaining popularity with its wet, glossy yet well-groomed allure.

In summary, all the hair trends for summer 2023 have embraced a wide range of styles, from the naturalness of beach waves to bold bleaching, to lacquered hairstyles. Always remember to choose a style that perfectly suits your personality, making you feel comfortable at all times.

Directly from the runways of Spring/Summer 2023, here are all the hair trends to discover:

Images by Launchmetrics

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