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Do you know why with some colors we look prettier than with others? Colors and their harmonious matches are a key point that conveys or at least should convey all our looks’ choices. There’s a color palette for each of us defined by a science called Color Analysis but what is it about? To better understand it we met the expert Rossella Migliaccio, image consultant and founder of the Italian Image Institute.

1- Let’s start with the basics, we know that your job relies on the color’s theory but: what it is exactly about and how much is the color analysis important? Are there many choices that it conveys aside from our outfits?

 The color analysis is the science that makes it possible to find our “friends colors” palette: that chromatic range that makes us look immediately prettier, younger and more in shape. Given this great power that color has, we can only imagine how important could this analysis be to better define our look. And I’m not just talking about clothes and accessories, but also and above all about beauty: from the choice of a lipstick to our hair color.


2- What do you mean when you talk about seasons? How are they classified?

The first color theory was born in the 30’s in Hollywood, when technicolor was first introduced: the most famous stylists of the time started to study with which color palette they could make their divas look prettier. In the 80’s this miraculous approach to the color started to be famous among the Americans making it possibile to make the first great classification of the 4 seasons. Obviously it doesn’t have anything to do with the fashion timing, but it properly deals with the four periods of the year: Spring has bright and sunny colors, Summer has cold and delicate shades like aquamarine; Autumn is an explosion of warm and spiced colors and Winter is cold and deep. Today the seasonal system counts no fewer than 16 seasons’ types!

3- Do the influencers, in their super instagrammable outfits, respect their color palettes? Let’s find one for each season!

The influencers are all trendsetters, so they have an experimental approach to colors and fashion in general. Among the world top influencers we can surely find some good examples for each chromatic season:

As Spring ambassador we have our Chiara Ferragni, who perfectly embodies this season’s characteristics: light, sunny and bright colors. For the Summer we have Bella Hadid: she also has bright colors but this time they’re cold and lunar. Autumn is well represented by Kaia Gerber, who inherited from her mum Cindy Crawford the warm and deep shades of this season. Winter is instead assigned to Kendall Jenner: olive skin and raven hair, the model with deep and cold colors.

4- You said that you’ve made the color analysis also on Chiara, what has been the result? Does she respects in her outfits her color palette?

Chiara belongs to the Spring: thanks to the intensity of her eyes and her warm coloured skin tone, she’s literally enhanced by warm and bright colors. She can vary from turquoise to grass-green, from coral to cyclamen and from daffodil yellow to apricot. Belonging to the light subgroup of Spring, she can also be mistaken for a Summer but the extreme brightness of her eyes leaves no doubts. One of the reason why I love her style is how she uses the colors: Chiara loves to play with different shades knowing perfectly how to match them being always so shiny. She also surrenders to the black’s charm, but you know, it’s so hard to resist it! Also her make-up, thanks to the expert hands of Manuele Mameli, is always on point: bronze, apricot and coral. A Spring triumph!


5- So the fact that black fits good on all of us is a false fashion myth? What should we do if we love a color so much but it’s not part of our palette?

To many women, black is a real comfort zone: it’s elegant, it makes you look thinner and is good for (quite) every occasion. Nothing to say about this…but you have to think that sometimes it’s hard to stand out in a space where everyone is dressed in total black outfits! Moreover we can firmly say that it doesn’t fit good on all! The requirements are: cold and deep colors, but many women don’t realize it as soon as they find the correct color palette. If you’re a black addict and you have a monochromatic  closet, start to add a color touch with little accessories around your face: earrings or necklaces, headbands or foulards. Black is pretty, I know. But my mantra is: what is really pretty is what makes YOU pretty!


6- We read on your blog that colors have a strong power also on Instagram, what does it mean? There are some colors that more than others make us click the LIKE button?

 Oh yes, color is a powerful medium, that is able to convey messages and emotions which are often deep and unconscious. Is not a coincidence that on Instagram for example, the most liked posts are colorful and evocative. In the top 3 we have: pink, blue and black.


7- Finally: among the most influential celebrities, the prize for the most harmonic goes to…

On some celebrities it is obvious the influence of a professional color analyst. We can say for sure that when Kate Middelton became duchess of Cambridge, all her closet has been turned to Spring shades. Then Jennifer Lopez, that always makes harmonic matches! She follows perfectly her Autumn palette from clothing to accessories, from make-up to hair color. But the list of celebrities that are loyal to their palette is even longer: Cate Blanchett, Diane Kruger, Dita Von Teese, Eva Mendes, Jessica Chastain, Elle Fanning, …

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