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Natural eyebrows are the ultimate obsession of every fashion addicts, that’s why The Blonde Salad decided to have a chat, during the launch of her new palette Riviera at Sephora Milano, with the absolute master of natural eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills. After a real time demonstration on ourselves, (and we can totally prove they were incredible!) we met the super professional, funny and beautiful Anastasia who told us some fun facts about herself and the sparkling world of Anastasia Beverly Hills. Find them out on our interview so that eyebrows’ shaping won’t be a secret anymore!


You started your cosmetic business in the early 2000s, when thin eyebrows were a major trend. You bet everything on natural eyebrows and in the art of shaping them, and you were right. Why were you so confident about your vision?

At art school my teacher told me: if you want to draw a portait you just need to change the eyebrows, because it’s the feature in our face that changes the expression. I started studying the Leonardo Da Vinci theory of the golden ratio and basing on those studies I decided to develop a technique on how to shape eyebrows according to everyone natural shape and bone structure. So basically the eyebrows should be done according to the natural proportion of your face, that’s why I have always believed that everyone should have natural eyebrows.


During busy days, which are the products we should always have in our purse for a quick makeup refresh in order to feel radiant and beautiful?

Definitely you need to have our new DIPBROW gel, it’s a natural product which gives you a completely natural look and it’s super easy to use. Then of course a liquid lipstick, whichever you like but it’s a must! And then a palette (our new RIVIERA has an incredible texture and it also has brushes!) that I usually have in my car, so that after work, if I need to go out, I can retouch my look using eyeshadows also as blushes and highlighters.


You built a cosmetic empire, starting from your famous eyebrows products. Which is your latest product obsession in terms of design, research and creativity (lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters…)?

I love Too Faced mascara and the Loose Powder by Laura Mercier. I also use a lot the Tarte concealer and in general I love to explore and use other brands’ products on a regular basis.


You recently made your debut in Italy with Sephora. It’s been some time now that you’re working with Sephora all around the world, what can you tell us about this partnership?

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I wanted to wish a happy International Women’s Day to all the strong, beautiful, magical women in the ABH community.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Last week, I did something incredible. I was in one of my favorite cities, Paris, at the Romanian embassy, speaking to a beautiful group of people from the extended ABH community about a brow product launch three years in the making. It truly could not have been more special. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ When I started doing brows, I would derive so much energy and joy from the exchange that would occur with my clients. Every single woman was a new source of inspiration. Traveling and meeting the influencers last week, I was reminded that the inspiration is endless. I’m blown away by their passion, their eagerness to learn, their outlook on industry and on life itself that gives illumination to the tomorrows ahead. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ It makes me wish that I could be a young adult today, just starting out. How lucky I would be to have the opportunities that these young people have. It inspires a sense of awe, the desire to do more than their parents and grandparents ever thought possible. I think it is every generation’s hope to work harder, achieve more, to leave an indelible mark. And I can say with certainty and pride that this generation is making that happen. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ I encourage you all to continue to shape your dreams into reality. You have nothing to lose.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ @sananas2106 @salimaaliani @roxanemaeva @envydeladyd_ @fluffyshy_makeup ⁣⠀ #anastasiabeverlyhills #abhbrowparty #internationalwomensday #anastasiasoare⁣⠀

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I started working with Sephora in 2007 and it’s an incredible journey. We expanded globally with Sephora so everywhere around the world, where Sephora has a presence, we are there with them. It’s an incredible experience because I consider Sephora a leader in the beauty sector. Above all because they know how to promote their products taking care of their customers, knowing how to teach them to use them. I love this vision because I created my own products with the goal of educating my consumers on how to use them.

The oscar for the best eyebrows in the world goes to...

Jennifer Lopez of course, ’cause I do her eyebrows! (she laughs)

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