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Synonym with perfect skin and glow, Natasha Denona is one of the most appreciated makeup artist of the beauty industry. Her latest makeup collection has finally arrived in the Italian Sephora stores so… what better occasion to learn something more about her? Don’t miss our interview!

TBS: You first showed your talent doing make-up on yourself and on all the dancers with whom you were studying classical ballet when you were 13. May we say that this has been the starting point of your career as a make-up artist?

Natasha: Yes you can say so, totally! In my teens I was both a dancer and a painter and at the time we used to do our own makeup for stage. My passion for painting made me feel comfortable to do the makeup by myself and to all the dancers with me. I modeled as well, and in the nineties it was very common for models to do the makeup on their own.

TBS: You’ve been both a dancer and a fashion model, why did you decide to follow the path of make-up artistry and how these passions have influenced it?

Natasha:  I understood from the beginning that makeup was what I loved the most and my other passions gave me so much knowledge about it! During my modeling period I was always looking at the lightening because it has much to do with makeup application in the professional world. So I’ve been always opened to absorb as much as I could from everything I did. I also studied photography so I kind of know almost every aspect of this world.

TBS: When and how did you launch your first make-up collection? Where did you take inspiration from and what was your mission?

Natasha: My mum was a chemist and, even though we were often fighting when I studied it at school (she laughs), she influenced me a lot. Almost seventeen years ago, I went personally to the lab to develop my products and do my own formulas. My dream was to create products that were professional but very easy to use for everyday women and that’s what I do today.

TBS: You established the Natasha Denona Makeup Academy in Tel Aviv, could you tell us something more about it?

Natasha: My courses are for professionals and we have many people from all over the world coming. Usually mine are six months courses and we teach only beauty. The method is very unique because we teach how to do a smokey eyes, for example, but always with a different technique depending on each person’s features. It’s not like what we see on Instagram, where makeup is done always in the same way…it doesn’t work like that with real people.

TBS: All your collections drive the beauty addicts crazy, what about your latest one? Which are the must-have products?

Natasha: If someone doesn’ t own any products of the Natasha Denona collections, I suggest to try the Sunset Palette because it’s our most iconic and hero product with different warm shades that are proposed every summer (but they’re also perfect for winter). Then I think the Cheek Glow is a must-have, you can also use it on your lips and it’s amazing because it gives a natural glow to the skin; I think that also our foundations have to be tried, since they’re skincare foundations, so super healthy!

TBS: You worked with a lot of fashion models and celebrities but who is your muse?

Natasha: I used to have different muses but the one I loved the most was Kate Moss; we were modeling in the same years and I was completely enchanted by her face. Today my muses are not so famous but they’re women with some features that make them different. I love to do make up on faces that are unknown but with some bold and particular characteristics, I’m inspired at the same time both by everyday women and models. I think that to create my collections it is necessary to know what real women want.

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