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Marrakech city guide: where to sleep and to eat + what to see

Chiara just came back from Marrakech and the first thing we asked her was to tell us about her fantastic trip, so we could write a TBS city guide of what’s considered to be one of the most interesting and fascinating destinations of North Africa. Mild winters and hot summers make this beautiful city enjoyable 365 days a year, the vibe is lively and through alleys, or squares, you can encounter snake charmers and locals that kindly guide you through their traditional markets, while its coolest side is populated by bars, hotels and restaurants. Where to sleep? What to see? Where to eat? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you: here’s our guide, for you, of the incredible Red City (see the gallery and read our advices below).

Where to sleep
In Marrakech there are plenty of hotels and typical “Riads” – local homes transformed in touristic residences. Perfect for any wallet, from the cheapest to the most permissive ones.

La Mamounia
This hotel goes back to the 18th century, when a local king decided to treat his children with a manor, far from the chaotic city, in order to enjoy their life. As time went by, the ambiences and the gracious gardens attracted foreigners, captured by the beauties they saw, spontaneously making La Mamounia the perfect escape for celebrities and for those that want to have a unique experience, even for a day – it’s also a wonderful SPA opened to public.

Riad Le Coq Berbère
You want to try something different in a typical Moroccan place? This is the perfect spot: a Riad that has all the characteristics of a traditional home, with warm colors, pretty gardens and cozy rooms. The price is also very convenient.

Where to eat
Mediterranean, Oriental and Moroccan cuisine: close your eyes and choose randomly! We picked 4 for you that you just have to try!

Fouquet’s Marrakech
Specialized in dishes that mix Moroccan tradition with French gastronomies, it has in incredible wine selection.

Pepe Nero
Exactly in the center of the Medina, the road to get there is beautiful as the location, which spreads out in tight and peculiar alleys. The Italian and Moroccan gourmets are really good.

Chez Mado
Once you’re in you’ll probably forget to be in Marrakech: the cuisine is global and the fish is great. But the live music played is very typical.

Chez Chegrouni
Great prices and delicious food: this typical restaurant is for sure a hotspot.

What to do
Art, fashion and nature: in Marrakech you can do almost everything! Here are the things to do that Chiara recommended for us.

La Pause
This Oasis, situated 20 miles from the city, has a breathtaking view that will leave you speechless. Locals guide you through the desert and you can dine en-plein-air, with traditional dishes, served by Bedouins.

Yves Saint Laurent – Jardin Majorelle
Definitely a place-to-see! Designed in 1931 by the French artist Jacques Majorelle. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé fell in love with these incredible gardens, during a romantic elopement, and decided to buy them.

The Souks
The hotspot for shopping-addicts: traditional Arabic stands inebriate Marrakech with scents and irradiate the surroundings with color: you can find mostly everything, sandals, draperies, fruits, spices and aromatic-herbs. It’s very convenient but dealing is mandatory!

Even though Morocco is an Islamic state and alcohol isn’t always well seen, Marrakech’s nightlife can get very wild and fun. Bars and clubs are all in the Medina (the city center) and stay open till late, thanks to the high rate tourism. Here are our favorite spots to grab a drink after dinner.

Jad Mahal
Inside an Indian palace, this Moroccan and Thai restaurant, after 11pm, turns into a lounge bar and has an orchestra that reinterprets old classics with a modern groove.

Café Arabe
In the heart of the Medina, this café has a unique atmosphere and a beautiful terrace, from where you can taste the best cocktails of the Red City.

Diamant Noir
One of the few clubs in Marrakech, you’ll find different music depending on the night: pop, folk and funky.

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