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Japan is a world with a timeless charm to be visited almost once in a lifetime: culture and tradition mix with progress and avant-garde technologies, reflecting us in a faraway and parallel universe but unmistakably magic.


Cherry trees, history and futuristic architectures will welcome you, frantic metropolis and enchanted villages coexist in a perfect harmony made of elegance, progress and philosophy. Organize a trip in Japan requires time, it’s not a last minute trip but when well arranged it will leave you that feeling of nostalgia and beauty that only the best trips leave. Provide yourself a guide and a tour operator that will schedule from your country all the shifts and activities, in order to leave the experience in total safety.


Just like all the Asia, Japan is full of places to visit and marvels to experience. Landscapes are breath-taking and what we suggest is to arrange a trip that can make you live both the beauties of nature and the metropolis. Let’s start from Tokyo: enigmatic metropolis and combination of past and future, Tokyo is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has some of the most luxurious malls and boutiques for what deals with the world of fashion, like Ginza for example that is a district historically dedicated to fashion. Get ready to keep looking upwards: behind skyscrapers and malls, however, you will also visit super cute kawaii shops and narrow streets with typical architectures and products. Taverns and wooden houses are the fav allies of avant-garde constructions that in the night light up by thousands of neon lights for a unique show.


Kyoto is another stop to be done in Japan. It is traditionally considered the city of  geisha, that you’ll still see walking in the streets in their kimonos. It has exactly the aesthetic that you expect to find in this country: among temples and sanctuaries, beautiful palaces and royal gardens is a place to not miss. Enjoy the Japanese tradition visiting the Himeji castle, considered the most extraordinary extant. It is known as the white heron for its candid structure surrounded by cherry trees.

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Another experience to be done, is visiting the Hanami, the cherry tree forest, discovering the surroundings of Mt. Fuji, fainting for its beautiful temples and Momiji, the maple trees, forest,  Explore the orange world of the Fushimi Inari-taisha and live the experience of  visiting a Onsen, one of the most famous natural hot springs, where to have regenerating baths in contact with nature. For what deals with the food, Asia in general is famous for its food markets in the streets, be brave and taste the real Japan and don’t miss the fresh fish of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, a Okonomiyaki tasting in a restaurant in Osaka and give yourself a treat with some tasty sake in what is called the Izakaya, the equivalent of a European pub.


These are some of the experiences to be done in the magic world of Japan, there’s so much more like the islands to enjoy the sea life. Organize your trip according to your desires and we’re sure you won’t regret it at all!


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