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VALENTINE’S DAY: The other side of love, according to Netflix

When it comes to Valentine’s day, a little bit like it is for Christmas, it happens that the movies we end up watching are always the same: Titanic, Pretty Woman, Love Actually, Ghost, The Notebook and all the others that you’ve already seen for sure. This year we’d love to explore with you a different side of love, that kind of unconventional love made of dark sides and unexpected endings that won’t provoke you any glycemic peaks but only heartaches… maybe.

Netflix is on our same page, and this year came out with a lot of original stories that have glued our eyes on the screen. Here for you, then, a quick slideshow of TV series that are our fave for this unconventional and a Netflix&Chill kind of Valentine’s. A lot of you fell already in love with them for sure, but whether it wasn’t like this, go watch them now and enjoy the other side of love.



Taken from a news report actually happened in the Parioli neighborhood in Rome a few years ago, Baby tells the stories of Chiara and Ludovica, two girls of the Collodi Highschool who have learned about the worst side of love when they were too much young. What’s incredible about this series, besides its plot but you know it’s to be considered illegal to make spoilers, is the ability of the actresses Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani to always keep together their characters’ bipolar personalities: sometimes cute girls and love seekers, others emancipated and audacious. Among love stories, tricks and scandals you’ll definitely eat it!



Another series considered a must-see, Élite tells the stories of three young and humble guys: Samuel, Nadia and Christian. These three start to attend, thanks to a scholarship, the most prestigious spanish college reaching out a world made of rich and spoiled mates. This encounter will lead to unexpected and dramatic implications. In a plot that is influenced a bit by the one of the super remembered The O.C. Élite spread not only the message of a powerful and black love, but of a proper fight against bullying and useless stereotypes.



Gossip Girl wasn’t enough and not even its possible reboot. Dan Humprhey, the mysterious protagonist of the “XOXO” infused series, plays in YOU the role of Joe, a New York based library manager. In this psycological thriller Joe falls in love with his customer Beck, finding out that in reality that love is nothing but an obsession that will turn him into a violent stalker. Fluid and well produced, YOU it’s absolutely unmissable!



Fresh from 2019, Sex Education is an explosive mix of family stories, stereotypes’ fightings, experimentation and innovation. The key of this series success stands in its ability of turning conventional characters like the geek, the IT-boy and the damned girl into unconventional personalities. Sex Education cancels all the cliché that doom sex as if it was a tabù because it leaves to young characters the responsability of talking about it without putting any barrier between the screen and its audience.

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