Eat - October 18, 2016

5 places for eating grilled sandwich in Milan

Grilled sandwiches are usually considered a quick snack one has to quickly fill a grumbling stomach, or, let’s be honest, one of the quickest ways to finish up the stuff you’ve got lying in your fridge. Things changed though, and grilled sandwiches are now an Italian favorite, too, thanks to the numerous specialized eateries springing up like mushrooms everywhere in town, and their carefully chosen ingredients. There are lots of places to have a grilled sandwiches in Milan, for your lunch break, as well as for breakfast… Or as a delicious aperitif, why not? We tested a few places, and we are sharing our 5 favorites with you. We bet you won’t even get to number 3 on our lis — you will just stop reading,switch off your computer and rush to one of these places!

Fancytoast (Via Volta 8)
Brand new place, we were among the first to try it. In the heart of Moscova district, you will find this small place, a small corner of California that will make you feel like you’re on Melrose Avenue right at the first bite. They don’t use ordinary bread, but rather a thick, 7-cereal, naturally-leavened, homemade kind of bread, that still manages to stay fluffy and light on the stomach. There are lots of options here: if you go for breakfast, like I did, we recommend Banana toast: a true explosion of taste, to start your day the right way. And… Do you really think you can leave Fancytoast without trying their Epic avocado toast?

Toasteria Italiana (Piazza Argentina, 1)
This is definitely one of the best places in central Milan. It’s a tough choice here, when you are surrounded by top-notch ingredients, nicely stuffed sandwiches, salads and freshly pressed juices. We are here to help: our tip is the Napoli sandwich, which will be served warm, on a wooden cutting board. Trust us, the next day you will most definitely want to go back there!

Capatoast (Piazza Argentina 4)
If you rate places depending on how many food options they offer their patrons, then this place wins  hands down, easily beating all competition. Capatoast originally opened as a take-away joint, so don’t be annoyed if you will find just a few tables to sit there. It is worth a visit, though, on the one hand because their sandwiches are large, but also because they are light on the stomach, and still very tasty. Fun fact, their best sandwiches always seem to be the veggie ones.

Toasteria Mi Casa (Piazzale Governo Provvisorio 5)
This place is not really centrally located, but it is still one of our favorites — and it’s not a new tip, we wrote about Mi Casa before! What do we like so much about it then, what keeps us coming back? On top of the obvious, such as their high-quality food, the choice between savory and sweet sandwiches, and the ultra-reasonable prices, what we love best is their sandwich-aperitif, which you can wash down with craft beer.

StreeToast (Piazza del Duomo 4)
An excellent tip for all, from locals in Milan to tourists who suddenly get hungry during their culture tour: stop at this lovely place by the Duomo Cathedral! When you place your order you will get a pager that will buzz when your sandwich is ready. We have two tips here: the first one is choose the Manhattan sandwich, and the second is, make sure you go enjoy it outdoors, enjoying the view of the majestic cathedral.

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