Eat - October 20, 2016

Aperitif in Milan for only 10 euro: where to go

Milan is the city of fashion, that’s obvious for us at The Blonde Salad, but it is also a city where happy hour really matters, to the point of almost being a sacred ritual, in the same way drinking coffee is sacred to people in Naples, or pastrami and hot dogs are almost holy in NYC.¬†Everyone wonders the same after work: where should we go for aperitif? Milan is popular with young people, and a lot of our readers are students, so we decided to write our usual list of 5 favorites, but decided to only select affordable places, where you can go for happy hour, and spend around 10 euro. Mission impossible, you say? You’re wrong, and we have proof of that: have a look at our list below!


Vista Darsena (Viale D’Annunzio 20)
Even though we mostly enjoyed it during the summer, and admit we will totally miss chilling on their beanbags with a view on the canal, this bar on the Darsena shore is one of our favorites. The ambience is very informal, and if the sky is clear, you will be able to watch a pretty sunset. Cocktails range from a simple Spritz to more complex ones, all of them cost around 10 euros and come with toothsome snacks. On October 28, 29 and 30 they’ll have a special event, their own Oktoberfest with a view on the pier. Don’t miss it!

Rita (Via Angelo Fumagalli 1)
Those of us who live in Milan know this place very well. Rita is located near the Navigli, and it is a place you can count on if you are going out with someone that you might want to impress. What we like most are the cocktails, of course, and their welcoming, efficient staff. Go on weekdays after work if you get the chance, and if you’re going at the weekend, make sure you book a table! Cocktails and canapes won’t cost you over 10 euro.

Rufus (Via Alberto da Giussano, 2)
Happy hour in this bar is such a pleasant experience! The brick interiors and their large couches make it very suitable for big groups too. The mixologist here is one of the most famous in town, and will prepare carefully crafted cocktails for you. Our favorite here is Cup of Life, with sugar, lime, bitter, gin and soda. Their prices are incredible, starting at 8 euro.

Santeria Social Club (Viale Toscana 31)
It’s not just a place to go for aperitif with your bestie, even though their cocktails are impressive: it’s also a fine place to hang out, and not just for the booze. Santeria organises exhibitions, concerts, cultural events, festivals and all sorts of other, disparate activities. The ambience will make you feel warm and cozy, especially in winter. Their aperitif menu’s price is also around 10 euro!

BhangraBar (Corso Sempione 1)
Let’s move on to another area of town: BhangraBar is in the Sempione area, and you can have aperitif and dinner together here, with a view on the Arco della Pace monument. What do we love about it? Their generous buffet and their large cocktail menu, as well as their Indian-style interior. Ready for your Bollywood cocktail?

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