Eat - December 6, 2016

Lunchtime in Milan, Tortona district: 5 lunch break spots

If you don’t live in Milan you probably don’t know that the Tortona area is considered one of the most dynamic, young parts of town. This area is also central to niche fashion, harboring many vintage and indie shops, and it also the place to be during the Salone del Mobile trade fair. With so much going on, places to drink and restaurants abound, and they are good, too! So, workers and city explorers alike, here we are, with our lunch break tips for the Tortona area.

Angelo’s bistrot (Via Savona, 55)
When you feel attracted to a place because of its furniture, this is no automatic guarantee for the quality of their fare. Happily, though, on top of cute chairs and tables, Angelo’s offers really good food, that you will surely appreciate. Their service is fast and their menu is very considerate of Italian tradition… But still, make sure you don’t miss your heesecake, please! 🙂

Ofelè (Via Savona, 2)
Their motto is: come, and feel taken care of. It’s up to you to decide whether Ofelè lives up to its promise, after you tasted their lunch. What we can
tell you is that you will find some traditional Anglo-Saxon dishes here, revisited with a Mediterranean twist (and ingredients). Bagels and pancakes are a specialty, and depending on the season, you will also find excellent soups or very rich salads.

Boccino (Via Tortona 21)
You have an important work lunch date, and you’re wondering where to go? Boccino is perfect for this kind of occasion. Their dishes are simple, yet always prepared by the book. You can choose among risotto, which comes for instance with porcini mushrooms, or their fantastic homemade egg pastas. This place might be the most expensive on the list, but satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

ESCO bistrot mediterraneo (Via Tortona 26)
Featuring an open kitchen, minimalist furniture and young, attentive servers, ESCO bistrot is one of the coolest and tastiest places in the area. Lunch break is actually one of their best features.They have a menu specifically for lunch, and this will help you go back to work in time. Their meat and fish dishes are truly amazing, but we also recommend their pizza, which is revisited in a very interesting way.

Maido (Via Savona, 15)
Could an Asian place possibly be missing from one of our guides? Of course not! So, here it is: Maido is already famous in the area, thanks to its Japanese specialties such as okonomiyaki, yakiudon and yakisoba. It’s very small, so we recommend it for takeaway.

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