Eat - November 15, 2016

Lunchtime in the Navigli district: 5 lunch break spots

The Navigli canal area is without a doubt one of the most charming parts of town. This is a historically meaningful area that underwent lots of changes over the past few years, with the Darsena — the small dock — being restored and reopened, creating a large, vibrant, welcoming public space and a fine area to spend time in, day and night. Should you be around here during the day and get hungry, here we are with a quick, tasty guide of our 5 favorite spots in town.

Luca e Andrea Cafe-Bar (Alzaia Naviglio Grande 34)
This place is a local institution, especially famous for the quality of its drinks. It is also worth dropping by during the day, to try their traditional Milan dishes, which range from their magical cotoletta — Milan breaded cutlet — to ossobuco — cross-cut veal shanks, braised in vegetables, white wine and broth. They open everyday, on Mondays only for dinner.

Trita (Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 6)
Can you think of anything quicker than a burger lunch? And of anything better than being able to build your own burger? That’s right: at Trita, you can choose from their selection of first-rate meats, and you can select all the other characteristics of your bread, from the type of bread to the type of salad. And the more creative you get, the happier staff will be to help you. Our only tip here: remember you have to go back to your desk after lunch, so don’t go overboard!

Vero Sapore Greco (Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 13)
I visited Greece many times, and I only found the same quality of meat, bread and tzatziki in this place! If the weather is good, you will also have an al fresco option, so enjoy dining under the sun. This is a good place if you you don’t have a lot of time on your hands — their staff is very efficient — and don’t forget, that is is closed on Mondays.

Taglio (Via Vigevano, 10)
One step away from the Darsena dock, this little place serves traditional Milan food, revisited and modernized for a younger crowd. It’s really a lovely place, best enjoyed with your favorite coworker, and it is also ideal if you want to do some grocery shopping, since you can also buy some products at the counter. Our insider tip here is to try their Egg Benedict: they are some of the best and most famous in the area.

C’era una volta una piada (Viale Coni Zugna, 37)
This lands straight into the list of perfect places for when you’re in a rush: their service is truly fast as lightning. You can enjoy the real Romagna piadina, the typical thin Italian flatbread, here — and their piadine come in so many types you will have a hard time choosing! Don’t be overwhelmed by the menu, take your time and make your pick: you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

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