Fashion - December 11, 2023

Aldo Fallai for Giorgio Armani 1977-2021: The New Must-See Exhibition in Milan


The pulsating heart of Italian fashion and culture, Milan, is finally ready to delight art lovers with a series of incredible exhibitions, with the exceptional exhibition “Aldo Fallai for Giorgio Armani, 1977-2021” at Armani/Silos standing out.

On the occasion of this unmissable exhibition, Giorgio Armani, along with Rosanna Armani and Leo Dell’Orco, joins forces to offer an intimate look at almost thirty years of collaboration with the talented Florentine photographer Aldo Fallai. This monographic exhibition is the result of a magical artistic dialogue, a celebration of the synergy between Armani’s sartorial mastery and Fallai’s sensitive eye.

“My work with Giorgio was the result of a natural and continuous dialogue, and of great trust on his part. Both of us were interested in highlighting an aspect of style linked to character and personality, and this translated into images that appear as relevant today as they did yesterday: a quality made evident by the exhibition setup, which does not follow a chronological sequence. Of the thirty years of our collaboration, I have vivid memories. The productions were always agile, slim: the result was achieved with few means and without special effects. I think this made an impact on the audience,” said Aldo Fallai.

The official inauguration took place on December 4th. However, the real show was unveiled to the public starting from December 5th when the doors of Armani/Silos opened, revealing a world of enchanting images and visual stories that narrate the evolution of a timeless style.

Explore the new exhibition dedicated to photographer Aldo Fallai at Armani/Silos in Milan


“Working with Aldo allowed me, right from the start, to turn the fantasy I had in mind into real images: that my clothes were not only made in a certain way, with certain colors and materials, but represented a way of being, of living. Because style, for me, is a total expression. Together, in a dialogue that was always fluid and concrete, we created scenes of life, evoked atmospheres, outlined portraits full of character. And reviewing all the work done today, I am struck by the strong suggestion that these shots still manage to emanate, and by Aldo’s great ability to capture the nuances of personality,” concludes Giorgio Armani.

Images from the opening of the Milan exhibition dedicated to Aldo Fallai


In a context where fashion and art blend in a harmonious embrace, Milan confirms itself as one of Europe’s cultural capitals. Among all the exhibitions on the schedule, the fascinating exhibition on Aldo Fallai offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in aesthetics, history, and innovation, capturing the essence of a city that continues to inspire and amaze.


Images courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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