Fashion - May 24, 2019


We’re going to have the color’s theory conversation again with our fav image consultant Rosella Migliaccio. This time we’ll put theory into practice to give you some advices about what all women go crazy for: shopping! What are you waiting for? Let’s find out together all the secrets of the perfect shopping spree!

TBS: Dear Rossella, last time you explained us what is the color’s theory and what the different seasons are. How can we turn this into practice during our shopping sprees?

Rossella:  To know one’s palette is a fundamental guide to do shopping in a more conscious way, avoiding all the traps brought by our impulse purchases and of course, saving more time, money and space in our closets! Actually, everything is faster if you know what colors to choose: in the stores you already know which are the chromatic areas to look for without having to search around the whole store. During your online shopping, the color’s theory is even more precious: you just need to filter your “friends colors”. Not to mention the fact that, buying clothes that belong to your palette make the matches with other products even easier.

TBS: If, like it usually occurs, we’re not in the mood to try on clothes, what is the best way to understand if they’re part or not of our palette?

Rossella: Laziness is often the cause of many wrong purchases! If you don’t have time or you’re not willing to try everything you choose, just put it on your face. Feel uncertain between two tops? Put them on your cheeks: the right one is brighter? Buy that one! Or, if you have your printed palette with you, you just need to put it on the fabric to understand if the colors are “friends” with eachothers.

TBS: Is it possible to apply this method for a makeup purchase?

Rossella: Absolutely!Let’s think about the choice of a lipstick or other face products. Feel uncertain between two shades of red? Put them again on your face and find the one that is more harmonious with your chromatic characteristics. This also applies when you have to choose a nail polish!

TBS: Let’s take a look at our e-commerce! Here’s some outfits that we have selected for you: could you please find out four different outfits and tell us what season they belong to and why?


Rossella: Black is one of the most loved colors and we can easily find it in every closet! It’s a color that we can find in the palette of Winter women: the ones with cold and deep shades. Often they’re characterized by a strong contrast, that we usually find in those who have a light skin and a dark hair. To emphasize this kind of contrast, polka dot is a perfect pattern!



This look is perfect for an Autumn woman! The warm shades of this ivory dress are in perfect harmony with the fabric and the color of the jacket. The jacket is, indeed, a garment that is absolutely versatile and perfect for mid season: that’s exactly the core of a wardrobe capsule for those who have a warm undertone.



The colors of the Spring palette are the brightest and most varied. The two looks of this picture are a perfect example for the women who have warm and shiny colors. I find the floral and the jungle patterns perfect because they draw to the colors of Nature. To complete the look, the accessories in the shades of brown are absolutely apt.

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