Chiara Ferragni , Fashion , Lifestyle - June 4, 2020

Nature Recalls And The Cottage Style Is A Trend

The Guggenheim confirmed this a few days ago, but already the SS 2020 fashion shows had anticipated it: the future is the return to rurality and we will explain why. Countryside, The Future is the name of the exhibition launched by the Guggenheim in New York which confirmed the most scrupulous research of the world’s greatest cool hunters. Coronavirus has marked a radical change from all points of view, starting from the most important: lifestyle. The cities are now oppressing, the search is geared towards open spaces, greenery and the countryside.

Fashion is one of the first sectors to absorb this trend, although the path is still long and tortuous. Do we remember all the SS 20 catwalks of Jacquemus and Dior? Set in immense lavender fields and green structures? Here is perhaps a clue as to what the future of fashion would have been given to us already. Word to the cool hunters, the biggest trend in the coming years will be the so-called Cottage Style, a style that winks at loungewear to absorb soft textures and shapes, not overwhelming and made from natural materials. Be careful, this does not mean that we will only wear loose-fitting clothes and long skirts, but nature will be recalled in the style diktats in all its forms, from materials to shapes, up to colours. The change will also involve the production processes, which as great fashion houses, Giorgio Armani for example, have anticipated, will be imported to the decrease in production and waste, a great cause of the environmental disaster that involves us.

It is as if the global pandemic to which we have all been subject has redefined the scale of priorities by involving the most important sectors of industry. Think also of architecture, Stefano Boeri with the Bosco Verticale in Milan had already marked a profound change. Green and nature will also be the protagonists of the design of the structures, which will move more and more frequently from the big cities to go back to where mother nature conceived them. The remediation of some territories where tradition and innovation will meet to become the new housing centres of the future is already underway in Italy.

What about professions? We will return to primary activities by combining the know-how developed in the era of digitalization with simpler tasks such as fishing and agriculture. All this will be implemented by incentivizing the new generations to study innovative methods to redefine the concept of primary and natural. Influencers all over the world seem to have already embraced the trend. Have you also noticed how, after Covid-19, the first releases were not in the world shopping capitals but in farmhouses, lakes and countryside? Chiara Ferragni was the first to publish the shots of her first days out on social networks and they all have a minimum common denominator: nature and open spaces. Could it be the beginning of a new era?

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