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Beloved place by our Chiara and one of her projects most recent destination, Syracuse is a real pearl of our country. The smell of the sea and citrus fruit together with the deep artistic spirit translated in amazing Greco-Roman architectures, distinguish this magical place making it a one in a million. Today The Blonde Salad leads you to the discovery of this unique destination for a little taste of summer and beauty.

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Which are the things to visit in Syracuse and around?

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The different cultures and stories’ mixture tells us the mythical developements of this enchanting place, tracks of the Byzantine era meet the ones of the Arabic, Norman and Spanish ones giving life to a unique ensamble. The Ortigia island is the real gem of the city as well as its oldest part and historic core. Two bridges link it to Syracuse and to the mainland, once crossed the port an explosion of streets and alleys bring you to monuments that find in Ortigia their most beautiful cradle. The first stop is for sure in the Duomo square, made of an ancient temple dedicated to goddes Athena e reconstructed in a baroque key. White is the color that will catch your gaze once directed to the infinite square where the cathedral is; seat in one of the typical bars to enjoy the amazing sicilian lemon granita and your mood will definitely thank you.

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But, first things first, let’s talk about sea: the beaches of this place are some of the most beautiful in Italy together with their caves and greek ruins. Crystal-clear waters and breathtaking landscapes are just a few of the amazing things you’ll enjoy there.

Going back to Syracuse, the Greek Theatre deserves a visit. Pointing to the sea and marked by the successive different dominations of this place, its visit will be a throwback in time that only Sicily could offer. Other unmissable stops are: the Orecchio di Dioniso, the Eurialo Castle, the Duomo, the Madonna delle Lacrime sanctuary and the Aretusa spring.

But let’s switch to another super hot topic: food and dreamy relais. Food in Sicily, you know, is amazing everywhere, the city offers both gourmet restaurants and home cooking diners that are absolutely mouth-watering. The specialities you don’t have to miss are absolutely: pasta alla siracusana and pasta alla Matalotta, the Pachino tomatoes, the Sortino honey, the tuna of the close Marzamemi city (talking about it we suggest to go there for an unforgettable dinner at the “Taverna La Golosa” and “Il Nodo Del Pescatore”); but also the Avola almonds and its wine, the Cassatelle and much more…

If you’ll be lucky enough to spend in Syracuse almost one night, we suggest the Musciara resort: a lovely destination overlooking the sea, that among corals and Italian majolica will definitely makes you breath and taste the real beauty of this unmissable place.

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