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All Books To Read During This Fall 2020

Without a doubt this 2020 has given writers plenty of food for thought to give birth to what they promise to be best sellers of the global publishing universe. Beginnings, translations of international best sellers and new releases by the most loved writers, contribute to making the most anticipated books of this Autumn 2020 real must-haves. Between the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, the American elections and the imminent change of habits that global society has had to undergo following the current health situation, the writers always turn out to be those invisible confidants who give voice to our innermost thoughts, entertaining us and, especially in this lockdown situation, making us feel less alone. In fact, despite the almost total closure of some areas of the world considered risky for the health of their citizens, bookstores, like Phoenicians of an increasingly disused habit, have risen by remaining open and giving us the opportunity to travel with the mind, reflect and occupy the empty times of this so unusual period. How have human relationships changed after the pandemic? How many can’t wait to go back to travel? But still what scenarios should we be ready for? Here are the books not to be missed this Fall:

Exciting Times – Naoise Dolan 

Edited by Blu Atlantide and already holder of international awards that define it as a “brilliant debut”, Exciting Times is the debut novel by Irish Naoise Dolan that tells the life of a twenty-year-old in the modern era. The typical narrative patterns of the Millennial Novel mix with the daily lives of 20-year-olds who extricate themselves between love, obsession, sex, internet, capitalism and bullying. The protagonist of the novel is Ava, who moves from Dublin to Hong Kong, without precise plans and certainties, but ready to unhinge all her convictions.

Girl, Woman, Other – Bernardine Evaristo

Girl, Woman, Other is the book everyone is talking about overseas. It has conquered everyone following the American Black Lives Matter movement, but it deals with issues that no one should make a taboo on anymore. In fact, Bernardine Evaristo’s book collects 12 testimonies of English women who find themselves having to face sexual and racial discrimination, class conflict and fear of the future in an extremely frighteningly current and contemporary key.

L’Ickabog – J.K.Rowling

Harry Potter fans celebrate, mom J.K. Rowling is back! If quarantine rhymes with fantasy marathons, you won’t want to miss the new novel by one of the most famous writers in the world. The Ickabog had already been published online by the author herself but this November it will arrive in all bookstores to tell a fairy tale set in Cornucopia, conceived as an imaginative response to the pandemic.

A Promised Land – Barack Obama

In perfect timing with the US presidential elections, Barack Obama’s autobiography. Recently announced but already highly anticipated, A Promised Land will be the first chapter of the memoir of the former American president who will tell about his race for the White House, the days of the election campaign and the moments that made him one of the men who, without a doubt , has left an indelible mark on history, not only of American politics but of the world.

Midnight Sun – Stephenie Meyer

The new chapter of the beloved Twilight saga is finally here. Centered on the figure of Edward Cullen, Midnight Sun focuses on the unspeakable thoughts of the world’s most beloved vampire, his feelings for Bella and fears of putting his life in danger forever.

Just Like You – Nick Hornby

The new funny novel that underline the saying “opposite attracts”. Just Like You speaks of all those relationships of love born between those who have nothing in common and find themselves having to deal with the eternal struggle between reason and sentiment. The protagonists Lucy and Joseph become spokespersons for millions of lovers, staging an absolutely plausible and real picture of love in the context of the British Brexitian revolution.

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