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Remember when we told you how the world’s most powerful luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta have been investing in the South Korean market for the past two years? (Here is the article)

From the release of Psy’s Korean song Gangnam Style in 2012, the first song in the history of YouTube to reach one billion views, to the Oscar for best foreign film for South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite in 2019, South Korea’s culture has had a huge explosion, turning it into the tenth most economically powerful country in the world in a very short time. Its market has become so influential that all businesses that want to remain relevant must open up to South Korean audiences.



Thus, the expansion of the most established brands in the West into Seoul continues, this time with Burberry Streets. The activation includes the opening of two temporary stores with a space design impossible to miss and an iconic café in London, Norman’s.



The spaces were designed taking inspiration from the shape of a rose, hence the name of the event Seongsu (i.e. Seoul district) and Rose. From the curtain printed with the imprint of a rose to reveal the shops, to the curved walls like petals of the flower inside the shop. The main colours, purple and yellow, invaded the streets of the neighbourhood with a visual trail of flags with the Burberry logo, posters on the walls of the main street, graphic art on the pavements all the way to the two boutiques, as seen in this tik tok.

In the first store, the new shoes from the winter 2023 collection are on sale, in the second, covers for hot water bags (perfect for the coming months).




Along with the two shops, Burberry also brought from London to Seoul the iconic British café Norman’s, where until 5 November it will be possible to order traditional fish and chips and eggs and chips served on Burberry logo plates.





On 6 October, the store opening event was held with some of South Korea’s best-loved celebrities including Lee Dong-wook (best known for iconic TV series including Guardian: the Lonely and the Great God, the Bad and Crazy series on Netflix and Tale of Nine Tailed), supermodel Shin Hyun-ji and presenter Bae Joo-hyun also known as Irene, actress Jun Ji-hyun along with Burberry creative director Daniel Lee.


by Maria Sheila Miani




Se siete nella capitale sud-coreana, non potete perdervi questa gita d’architettura e moda, dal 7 ottobre al 5 novembre 2023.


Here are the addresses:


📍 Burberry Sungsu Rose (73 Yeonmujang-gil, Seoul)

*Seongsu Rose è disponibile su prenotazione via Naver.

📍Burberry Seoul Water Bottle (81) Yeonmujang-gil, Seoul

📍 Burberry Sungsu Shu (33 Yeonmu Jang-gil, Seoul, Seoul)


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