Lifestyle - July 19, 2023

Smile and enjoy the summer sipping cool and healthy beverages


Especially in the summer, there is no other choice but to refresh and nourish your body with irresistible seasonal drinks. What are you waiting for? Discover our suggestions and a small selection of delicious and healthy elixirs to combat the heat!

When the temperatures become scorching and the sun shines bright, keeping your body hydrated and cool becomes essential. Besides water, explore summer beverages that offer incredible nutritional benefits, strengthening your health. Indulge in smoothies, those antioxidant-packed drinks essential for boosting your immune system and preventing diseases. These blends will help detoxify your body and improve the lymphatic system, ensuring an absolute feeling of well-being.

Beverages to avoid…

When choosing your summer beverages, be mindful of packaged options like fruit juices and smoothies, as they often contain excessive sugar and lose most of their nutritional properties. This type of beverage can also harm your teeth due to preservatives, so avoid them and opt for fresh and nutritious drinks instead. Also, limit your consumption of coffee and sugary carbonated beverages.

While it may be tempting to drink beer and wine during the summer, remember to limit your alcohol intake, as alcohol can dehydrate you. Avoid strong alcoholic beverages and sugary liquors in hot weather, as they could compromise your hydration.


In addition to what you drink, also consider what you eat during the summer. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, and cantaloupes, as they provide valuable fluids and minerals to your body. Reduce the consumption of fatty foods and processed meats, and limit your intake of red meat.

Our advice…

Remember that your body needs water to function properly, so drink enough to maintain the correct body temperature and prevent dehydration.

Here are some perfect non-alcoholic and natural drinks and extracts to refresh and fully enjoy the summer: infusions of fresh fruit; coconut water – rich in electrolytes and potassium, perfect for natural hydration and maintaining the body’s salt balance; lavender lemonade; mint iced tea; fruit and vegetable smoothies; watermelon and cucumber extract; non-alcoholic fruit aperitifs; melon and mint extract; ginger and lemon drink.


“Experiment with these beverages and enjoy the summer to the fullest, surrounded by flavors and colors!”

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