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Netflix TV series are like cherries: one leads to another. Normally, between school, work and daily tasks, it is difficult to devote oneself to an afternoon of sitting on the sofa doing marathons on marathons of our favourite shows. With the arrival of summer and holidays, moments of relaxation increase as well as the list of things we wanted to watch. If on one hand we have episodes to recuperate, on the other there is the desire to discover something new, be it a series, a film or a documentary. Choosing is always very difficult, so you need a little help to know which Netflix shows to watch absolutely during the summer!



An original Netflix production, Dumplin’ has an exceptional star, Jennifer Aniston as Rosie Dickinson, a former beauty queen who follows the path of her daughter Willowdean (played by Danielle MacDonald) in the world of beauty contests. With the music of Dolly Parton, the film invites to acceptance of one’s body, self-love, and the courage to challenge conventions.



The splendid Jennifer Aniston is also the protagonist of this original Netflix comedy together with Adam Sandler. During a trip to Europe, a policeman and his hairdresser wife find themselves caught up in a crime that took place on a millionaire’s yacht, between laughter and twists. The film is coming to Netflix on June 14th.



What would happen if there was an app to book a fake boyfriend if necessary? It’s what you’ll discover on Netflix in the comedy The Perfect Date with Noah Centineo, a film with laughter and romance that reveals how everything can be faked, except for one thing: feelings.



A comedy of misunderstandings with Scarlett Johansson and Zoë Kravitz where anything can happen. A meeting of friends for a bachelorette party turns into a series of accidents and misunderstandings involving a group of wanted criminals. A film that talks about the power of friendship and female solidarity, and that shows that the happy ending can come even in the most unthinkable moments.




Entire generations have dreamed with this wonderful love story born of the pen of Nicholas Sparks. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are the protagonists of a timeless romance, where difficulties, obstacles, and social differences test the feelings of two young lovers. Between laughter and tears, The Notebook is one of the most watched films on Netflix in recent months, one of those that all incurable romantics will not fail to see and see again.



This 10-episode Netflix miniseries has a stellar cast starring Renée Zellweger. A couple of newlyweds in financial difficulty receives the proposal of a rich and mysterious woman who promises to finance their projects if the young man agrees to satisfy her mysterious requests. With intrigue and power games, What/If will keep you in suspense!



It is the return to the small screen of the fantastic Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars, who in this hilarious series finds herself, after a fatal accident, living in paradise. The trouble? That she arrived there by mistake, because her mean character and selfishness had destined her to hell. So how can she always endure smiling faces, people who are even too friendly, when in reality she would just like to mind her own business and not see anyone? And above all, how to solve the problem that brought her by mistake to heaven?



A cult series with Emily VanCamp that takes up the plot of the Count of Montecristo adapting it to modernity and placing a female protagonist in the middle. A young woman lost her father because of the intrigues of an elite of powerful entrepreneurs who exploited and deceived him for their purposes, and after years of preparation, study and training, she is about to take her revenge. A plot full of twists, which leaves you in suspense until the last episode. To watch non-stop episode after episode!



An absolutely original documentary that shows the viewer the 7 days before the big events: the launch of a space rocket, the training before the Kentucky Derby, or all the preparations before a haute couture fashion show. On six episodes, the must-see is the number 5, which follows the week before the Chanel high fashion show. We see the genius of Karl Lagerfeld at work, as well as the ability of seamstresses to sew clothes and set designers to build the setting. It is the reality of hard work that precedes the dream.



One of the most awaited Netflix productions in recent months, Homecoming: a film by Beyoncé is a documentary film that retraces all the steps of Queen Bey’s performance at Coachella in 2018. Singing, dancing, breathtaking costumes, and the back the scenes of the singer’s life: in short, an unmissable vision both for those who love Beyoncé and for those who love good music, a sneak peak of how the music industry works. Unmissable!

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